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  1. So i am repairing one of my old 3D Printers ultimaker 2. And i saw that the Potentiometer has broken off, lost the potentiometer, So i need a new one. But there are too many different kinds of Potontiometers on the market. So i was wondering which kind of potentiometer i need. In the picture below(press the link) you can see what i mean. The green part i am gonna desolder and solder a new whole potentiometer. But i cant seem to find a compatible potentiometer by my self. So can some one help me with finding one? Picture of pcb By
  2. Saw the extra fan connector too, it says 19-24 volt. But how much current (amps/Ma) does or can it deliver? And is always on by default on any ultimaker 2 board? Sorry for bumping up the toppic.
  3. Hi, Ik vroeg me af of ik "dual extrusion" ook los van elkaar kon gebuiken met de volgende setup: Ultimaker 2: 3mm fialiment setup met een 0.4mm nozzle aan de linkerzijde. 1.75mm fialiment setup met een 0.2mm nozzle aan de rechterzijde. Bedoeling is dat ik beide nozzles los van elkaar wil gebruiken. Dus ene moment 0.4mm en erna andere print met 0.2mm. Ik snap dat er meer werk aan zit dan slechts vragen. Maar ondersteunt cura dit? En is er firmware op het net die deze ook ondersteunt? Etc? Mvg, Skander
  4. Hi there i am in search for an alignment tool for the axis ultimaker 2. I have come across some tools, but they were in stl format. But the only printer i have is broken down. So i need a dxf or dwg format, then i can cut the tool out of wood with a laser cutter machine. Any one have a file for that?
  5. After some searching on Aliexpress, i have come across this stepper motor. It's a lot cheaper then the other ones. https://tinyurl.com/m53xb6x Everything about it seems ok to me, except for the dimensions. It is 42x40mm... But that shouldn't be a big deal i guess. Whether it will work, I do not know yet. But I'll keep you informed.
  6. I agree, it will fit for sure. But Nema fits too, and is cheaper too. Only need help finding the right one. I'll keep your suggestion in mind, incase nobody finds anything else. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Hello, I am in search for a cheap alternative of the Y Axis stepper motor. This is the serial number of the broken one: SY42STH38-1684A I have been doing some searching of my own on the internet but without any luck. I have come across some Nema 14 or 17 Stepper motors, but since there are so many types of them. I don't know which one to choose. Can someone put a link here? Thanks
  8. Ok this is what i did. Opened up Ardiuno -> Marlin. From there i went to PINS.H underneath board == 72 And made those changes @neotko told me. Compiled it, and uploaded it to my "Ultimaker 2 White" through a cable with no trouble. Then i switched the Temp 3 cable to Temp 2. That's what i should have done right? I did that, but the error is still there. Did i forgot something? What's an hex file? I read somewhere that after compiling the firmware, it should popup me the location of an hex file? But it didn't..
  9. Swap the pins to where? You mean after i make those changes in the firmware. I have to switch the temp 3 cable to temp 2 right?
  10. What you told is indeed correct. Except for the part that the PCB has to be replaced. I have been told that I can use temp 2 instead of temp 3. But in order to do that, i have to make some changes in the firmware first. Isn't it worth to try that? before jumping to conclusion that it's broken and to buy a new pcb with an price tag of 200 dollars?
  11. I have installed the software, and downloaded Marlins firmware and opened up the configuration.h and pins.h files. I could only figure out that some things in those files were related to the bed and sensors. But still i couldn't figure out what settings I need to change and should be replaced with ? There are just to many lines of codes..
  12. Indeed the error showes up on startup. And honestly i have no idea why the bed is heating up. For me it is an strange thing too. Anyway, i checked the board it showed me 110 ohms at 20C room tempature. I have even replaced the bed board and cables for sure. The error still showed up.
  13. If i may, i don't think that the part which is burned down has anything to do with the Error showing up. Anyway i have been told, that i can switch the "Temp 3" cable to "Temp 2" at the PCB board. But doing that, would require me to make changes first to an Custom firmware. And unfortunally i don't have any idea where i can download an custom firmware suitable for my Ultimaker 2. And the most important i don't know how to make those changes in the firmware either. Is there any "how to guide" for making those changes in the custom firmware? Any website/tutorial?
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