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  1. Maybe it's the easiest, but for most parts, especially very large pieces, 100% isn't necessary, and sometimes isn't even feasible. Also, sometimes 100% leads to other problems.
  2. Mine shows connected to the printer, and I can control bed preheat through Cura (I don't try printing to it because of the potential for problems though), but my problem is that every time I try to upgrade firmware, the printer reboots and Cura says the upgrade failed due to communications error. Does UM test for that functionality?
  3. One of the features I liked in the "old" Cura was the ability to import settings from gcode. That seems to no longer be a possibility in 2.x. Sometimes, I work on a project at work and slice it there, then print it at home. If I need to make a tweak, especially in the slicing, I like to be able to open it in Cura at home and have the same settings that are already in the gcode. Unfortunately, Cura at home is set to the same settings that I last used with it at home. Are there any plans to allow either direct opening of a gcode file, or apply settings from a gcode file to a project that's
  4. Hi, When printing an object with, say 20% infill, is there a way to adjust the thickness of the material surrounding a hole independent of the outside wall thickness? For instance, I want to include some holes for fasteners. I'd like a bit more solidity in the area around the holes to better support against crushing. Is there a way to design this with a thicker wall than what is normally printing around the perimeter of the object?
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