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  1. Thanks, Ill see how it goes. I mainly want to use Simplify3D as I have already paid the $149 USD for it and cant get a refund 🙂
  2. @GR5, Have you got this working with Simplify3D? It is my goto printing program and am just wondering what I would need to do to get it to work on that. Lastly, Is ABS suitable instead of high temp PLA? I just didnt want to buy a new roll if I didnt have to. I was intending on using Form Futura Premium ABS
  3. So print fast and hot? 45mm/s? Do you have a g-code Marvin or something you can share
  4. So my print randomly prints in mid air. Its not: Nozzle clogged Bed uneven Bad G-code As per the picture you can see it was printing fine then all of a sudden BOOM! lets start the next layer 2 cm higher than normal. This will happen one print, then try again with the same file and it will work out fine. There are no z-hops or retractions at all. You can see nice fat lines printing in mid air, so the nozzle is not clogged. Suggestions?
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