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  1. Update: As the initial design was bad and would not be able to be manufactured, I decided to postpone this once again into winter and start from scratch, so I could choose this topic as a masters thesis. The outcome is a pretty functional prototype. Here are some pictures. I was able to print without the need to cool down the nozzles. They could stay on printing temperature without dripping on the print. But I had to print a prime tower. If the software was abit more customized, I possibly won't need that either, saving more time... If anyone is interested in this I might share more details or a video.
  2. Oh, nice, I knew I couldnt be the only one facing this problem. Is there a way to only perform one part of the start script if only one Extruder is used, by the way?
  3. Hey, I'm using Cura 4.1 and Octoprint, so I have to use the start script function of Cura. With only one Material it wasn't a problem, but I have modiefied my UM 2+ Extended for dual printing. So I made a startup script for dual extrusion. It's basically just: T0 //Extrude T1, Wipe and do stuff T1 //Extrude T1, Wipe and do stuff T0 As you See, I make sure that I have T0 selected, extrude and wipe, change to T1, do the same and back again to T0. Then I'm ready to start with T0. So, when my part starts with T0, no problem here, everything is working normally. But when my part starts with T1, I mess up because my startup script ends with T0 and the Cura-generated toolchange is before the user startup script: // How it is: T1 //<- This is the Cura generated toolchange //cura generated stuff like heating etc ; Start user startup script dual --------------------------------------------------- T0 //My toolchange //Extrude, wipe and stuff T1 //My toolchange //Extrude, wipe and stuff T0 //My toolchange As you see, it starts with T0 when it should actually start with T1. Now, I have to modify every gcode file by hand, if it starts with T1. Why is it not like the following (or how can I make this work): // How it should be: //cura generated stuff like heating etc ; Start user startup script dual --------------------------------------------------- T0 //My toolchange //Extrude, wipe and stuff T1 //My toolchange //Extrude, wipe and stuff T0 //My toolchange ; End user startup script dual --------------------------------------------------- T1 //<- Here should be the the Cura generated toolchange Wouldn't that be more logical for the final toolchange before the part starts? I hope it's understandable what I mean
  4. It's hard work, but I'm slowly making progress. I have one more Question regarding the toolchange retract: There is a toolchange retract in the tinker firmware and in cura. I'm using octoprint so no ultigcode here. Does it use the cura settings, the firmware settings or both? If both, can I just zero the cura setting to use the firmware only? I have the strange behavior, that every second layer is overextruded. Do you have any idea where this can come from? My assumption is that it's because of the tool change. Waht exactly is the "prime" value in toolchange retract option? If there is 1mm, does this extrude 1mm extra filament? Like when the setting is 16mm, does it retract 16mm and after that extrudes 17mm? Thank you for your help Edit: I don't want to lower the temp during extruder standby. Is it enough to set the standby temp as the same as print temp in cura? Or is there a fw setting?
  5. Just did this. Good: It looks like it did something, it does not start the mark2 routine Bad: It does some weid stuff which seems barely connected to my script. My T1 for example is the following: G0 F6000 X220 Y215 G0 Y223 G0 F1000 X218 G2 F4000 X184 Y219 I-19 J15.9 G0 F6000 Y215 So it should move to the right back corner, then move a few mms back, 2mm to the side and then do a circle. Then move a few mms to the front. All happens in the right back corner, where also is my lever shifting stop. When I start it as gcode programm or when I insert them one by one into the console everything is fine. But when I start the toolchange it first moves to the front right corner, then to the front left, does a weird circle, then moves to the back right corner, and then back to the front right. I first thought it would have something to to with absolute positioning, so i did write G90 at the beginning of my files. It didnt change anything. The movement is so weird, I don't even know what to do to fix this. From Soure Code it seems like it's just starting my script: if (t1) { processScript(t1); if (bRetract) { toolchange_retract(current_position[X_AXIS], current_position[Y_AXIS], toolchange_retractfeedrate[0]/60, 0); } } Is it possible that it ignores settings like that the y-axis is inverted when the script is called from there? Did anyone use this feature yet and has made an own working toolchange script?
  6. No, I just tried it again. Won't take my script.. Just the existence of the folder and the script should toggle the printer to use my code, right? Just looked into the firmware, could also write it there, but the sdcard would be much better for me
  7. Thank you! I made an directory "config" on the SD with "T0.gcode" and "T1.gcode". But when I try to change (via command line T0 or T1 and also under menu point "Change extruder") it won't take my custom script, it does execute the mark2 change script. I also built the firmware on my own with " TCSDSCRIPT SDSUPPORT " in $MAKE (in package.sh), but no luck. What am I missing?
  8. Just had a look in the current TinkerFW. I'm not very experienced in c++, but from what I have seen, the extruder_offset variable is the way to go. But it's made only for XY : // Extruder offset, only in XY plane Think I have to add a EXTRUDER_OFFSET_Z. Important might be the T command for toolchange. It seems like it's just adding the offset to the current positions in x and y. Therfore it has to be added in z, too. Other thing is how to calibrate. I'm uising Octoprint, maybe I can just set the Offsets via M218 command that I don't have to program the gui... Is the Mark2 firmware open source btw? Might be less work adding the custom tool change there..
  9. Oh that's too bad. Could be really useful in that firmware. Is it much work to add? I guess I can't use the Mark 2 Firmware? I have a custom tool change script which I wanted to use over cura ...
  10. So I just came back to this. The question I can't get behind is: how do I activate an specific extruder? There is somethin like "Swap extruders" under "Advanced", but It shows the same Z-Value in home so I guess thats not how to do it...
  11. Yeah nice I just fount the invert axis function. But how can I remove the shortbelts? The pulleys are on the same positions after the swap, arent they?
  12. Hey, has anyone flipped the x/y stepper motors outside of the housing on the Ultimaker2? Is it recommended? I need the space for my lever shifting system and I thought it would also be nice if I wanted to use an heated build chamber... I remember reading someone has done it before, but I only found threads about the Ultimaker Original. From what I read, I just have to switch some cables to reverse the direction of the motor..
  13. Okay, I found the usual "adjust buildplate". When I go to expert functions, there is also a feature called "adjust z position". I chose that and the i can adjust the buildplate. but only for one nozzle. Shouldn't that start the adjust position twice? Like one time for every nozzle? How am I supposed to get two values? I know that I can adjust the x- and y-offsets in cura. But not z...
  14. Hey, I have to use an other power supply for two 35W heaters, right? Any suggestions which one I could use or where to get the plug? What are the differences between the 35W and the 25W heaters? (just curious, I guess they get the same voltage?) Are there heaters with more than 35 W that I can use? I mean, if i have to get a new power supply anyway, I could also use two 50W (if somesthing like that exists) I'm using the thinkergnome firmware for dual extrusion. Is there any possibility to adjust the z-heights seperately for every extruder? Is it possible to lower the 5V fan speed via software, or do I have to use a resistor? Thank you for your help.
  15. Thank you, just bought a couple meters!
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