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  1. MTG

    Cura strange printing error

    If you look at the video, this is not 100% accurate. It did move down, but its every time another island is printed. I think the printer did it "intentionally", because its every time a "z-hop" would be performed, if the option was activated (which I didn't). It looks like a z-hop, but the bed does not go up again. And it also looks like the z-distance icrease is always the same. I think you can even hear the servo doing that. I'm running with octoprint on an raspberry, I don't know if octoprint gave the wrong commands... but why after 5 hours
  2. MTG

    Cura strange printing error

    The problem is, that z is raised for the islands. In the gcode, there is no z lift at this pint. The printer did it anyways.. The only question is why
  3. Hi, I was printing a housing when this happened: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xeIf1RU8wTKBekbVRKasV_rwXLKBobR1ww/view?usp=sharing When you look through the gcode, it's seems okay. The Z Values appear in the right order without the gap . Why does it do that? It's an 10 hour print ant it was all fine for like 7 hours and then this started? And why does it go back don again for the wall? Is it an Octoprint Error? The simulation in Cura does not show this behavior neither, I have checked this. Printed with Cura 3.3.1. My Gcode and Settings file attached. Edit: okay, for every island it does liek a z-hop without going down. On the layer change it goes back to the correct layer. I can't figure out whats wrong here profile.curaprofile CFDMP_Gehause_Oberteil.gcode
  4. I could produce them in any quantity, I have a lathe. But I don't want to order it just for me, that would be too expensive. If there are enough people interested, we could buy the material together and split the parts that I get out of it
  5. MTG

    Cura outline order

    Thanks, I guess that was the option I searched for. It was not marked as visiblie in the settings...
  6. MTG

    Cura outline order

    I don't know if I just cant find the option or if it does not exist - you can choose outline before inline and folll before inline. I have unchecked both, because it should be inline, outline and then fill (as usual). When I have a part with a hole, it prints like following: part inline hole inline part outline hole outline fill But thats a waste of time in my opinion and it creates more z-seams, so I want that it prints like: part inline part outline hole inline hole outline fill Is this possible?
  7. Ok I think I'll have to try it, but it seems like the blowers were used in that other Project...
  8. Thank you as this is answering my (still unanswered) thread: Link
  9. No one does know that? Is the question too easy or too hard?
  10. Hi, I have a short question about the possibility to modify the existing Fans on the UM2+ (Extended) (bought January 2016) printhead. I have read multiple threads bout it and now I'm kind of confused. As far as I know, the small cooling fan (which turns on when the Printhead has like 40°C) is 5V. Can I replace it with that one (which is bigger): https://www.digikey.de/product-detail/de/delta-electronics/AFB03505HA-A/603-1273-ND/2560397 ? The other two cooling fans are (as far as I know) 12V. I have read, that they may have been updated to 24V - don't know if thats true. If I'm right and they are 12 V, can I replace them with these:https://www.digikey.de/product-detail/de/delta-electronics/BFB0412HHA-A117/603-1840-ND/5022816 ? I think that are the ones used in this mod. Thanks in advance.
  11. ..due to the massive interest I was told to set the price to 1900€ (negotiating basis). If someone is interested just pm me
  12. Hi, we consider to get an Ultimaker 3 in near future, therefore we are selling our Ultimaker 2+ Extended. It was purchased at the beginnig of 2016, guess it has'nt that much runtime sind then (see photo, don't know if its right, made an firmware upgrade in summer 2016, we are printing like 1 to 2 parts a week). We did buy the top enclosure, the front door is made by myself and it's magnetic. Did use the original holes, so it could be set back to original. Did not have any problems so far. The heated bed was broken at January 2017, a new (original) one was installed (guess it was slightly updated since purchasing). The price is 2100 € + tax. We would prefer selling it to germany. If you are interested, please contact me. We can ship it as soon as we have or new printer. Edit: Sorry, forgot the pictures: https://imgur.com/a/BHYqP
  13. MTG

    Cura 2.7 won't start slicing

    Same here. After a value change it's starting to slice.
  14. MTG

    Cura 2.7 won't start slicing

    Yes, Windows Firewall. Tried also with deactivated FW, won't start slicing either.
  15. Hi, just upgraded to 2.7. Loaded a Model and usually, the slicing starts automatically. Do I have to to anything to start slicing? Didn't read anything in the release note about this, so I guess it's a bug? Using Windows 10, 64-bit.

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