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  1. I could produce them in any quantity, I have a lathe. But I don't want to order it just for me, that would be too expensive. If there are enough people interested, we could buy the material together and split the parts that I get out of it
  2. Thanks, I guess that was the option I searched for. It was not marked as visiblie in the settings...
  3. I don't know if I just cant find the option or if it does not exist - you can choose outline before inline and folll before inline. I have unchecked both, because it should be inline, outline and then fill (as usual). When I have a part with a hole, it prints like following: part inline hole inline part outline hole outline fill But thats a waste of time in my opinion and it creates more z-seams, so I want that it prints like: part inline part outline hole inline hole outline fill Is this possible?
  4. Ok I think I'll have to try it, but it seems like the blowers were used in that other Project...
  5. Thank you as this is answering my (still unanswered) thread: Link
  6. No one does know that? Is the question too easy or too hard?
  7. Hi, I have a short question about the possibility to modify the existing Fans on the UM2+ (Extended) (bought January 2016) printhead. I have read multiple threads bout it and now I'm kind of confused. As far as I know, the small cooling fan (which turns on when the Printhead has like 40°C) is 5V. Can I replace it with that one (which is bigger): https://www.digikey.de/product-detail/de/delta-electronics/AFB03505HA-A/603-1273-ND/2560397 ? The other two cooling fans are (as far as I know) 12V. I have read, that they may have been updated to 24V - don't know if thats true. If I'm right and t
  8. ..due to the massive interest I was told to set the price to 1900€ (negotiating basis). If someone is interested just pm me
  9. Hi, we consider to get an Ultimaker 3 in near future, therefore we are selling our Ultimaker 2+ Extended. It was purchased at the beginnig of 2016, guess it has'nt that much runtime sind then (see photo, don't know if its right, made an firmware upgrade in summer 2016, we are printing like 1 to 2 parts a week). We did buy the top enclosure, the front door is made by myself and it's magnetic. Did use the original holes, so it could be set back to original. Did not have any problems so far. The heated bed was broken at January 2017, a new (original) one was installed (guess it was slightly u
  10. Same here. After a value change it's starting to slice.
  11. Yes, Windows Firewall. Tried also with deactivated FW, won't start slicing either.
  12. Hi, just upgraded to 2.7. Loaded a Model and usually, the slicing starts automatically. Do I have to to anything to start slicing? Didn't read anything in the release note about this, so I guess it's a bug? Using Windows 10, 64-bit.
  13. Hi Community, i'm sorry because this thread is not really ultimaker related. Maybe someone cant help me anyways: I recently purchased a SLS 3d printer (DTM Sinterstation 2000) and i'm searching for a supllier of PA12 powder for testing. Just searching on the internet is not giving me much results, so i thought maybe someone here has a hint, where i could ask...
  14. Hi, thank you! The engineering is done, I just dind't find the time to build it! Working hard on my bachelor thesis right now, finishing at the end of July. I'm checking if someone of our employes has the time right now to make the parts as I can't at the moment. But if you are interested, I could show you some more detail of the latest design. Maybe someone has any advice?
  15. I highly recommend you not to use edge or internet explorer as both of them are rubbish. Just use Firefox, Chrome, or if you want to, Opera.
  16. Hi Chiranjeevi, I also thoght about that. But the solenoid consumes power all the time when activated, because you need a current to create the magnetic field. I'm not sure if that is a problem (maybe heat or power supply) but I didn't like that. The 3mm might be enough that the unneeded nozzle doesn't influence your print, but the main Idea behind the covering is that you don't need to wipe and you wont have a wipe tower. Additionally, you don't have to cool the nozzles down. That consumes a lot of time. My design is easier with two moving nozzles, because the cover can keep it's height. I
  17. Hi, short question: what are the Ollson Block threads? I can't find it anywhere.. Is it M6x0,75? Is the one for the nozzle the same as for mounting the block? Thanks in advance..
  18. Do you think that these parts will also work with PEEK or PTFE? With PBI I was pretty sure about that, but I can't tell with PEEK or PTFE...
  19. I have made a design for the UM2 for dual extrusion which uses nozzle lift and a cover which prevents oozing. I have changed it so far that you don't need an stepper motor anymore, the mechanism is controlled by a lever on the back side. For the tool change, the printhead does a special move to throw the lever. Then the nozzle lifts and gets covered. I'm that far that the complete mechanism fits in the printhead and is ready for a prototype. That mod does not require any build space in x,y but 5 mm in z. The only problem to solve is the heat brake. I can't use the standard design as th
  20. Has someone tried PEEK? Temperature shouldn't be the Problem - maybe too sticky?
  21. That will work too, didn't think about that. Changing the cable is no problem, the question is how much will the + feeder cost and do they sell it to me in Germany.. and even the geared feeder is not that good, for example for flexible filaments.. But if it's not that expensive I will just buy a plus feeder I guess..
  22. Wow thanks a lot that's really an option! I consider buying this in combination with the bondtech dual drive (like neotko uses them for 1,75mm, but in 2,85mm). As the bondtech parts are quite expensive I might machine them by myself. But before I get to the feeders I have to finish my dual printhead. It's almost done, I just have to rethink the heat brake..
  23. Does anybody know if ther is a TinkerGnome firmware which is dual and for ultimaker 2 extended plus? Im asking because my main plan was buying an addidional plus-feeder, but if there isn't any firmware, it would be better for me to use two printed "iRobert"-feeders? What would you say?
  24. Actually I'm needing less than one meter. Is that right? One piece of Ø20mmx305mm is 350€? That would make a price of 1148€/m? I know it's expensive, but that expensive?
  25. Where did you get the PBI? In Germany, it seems very hard to get this. Also I just want a small pice for testing because it seems really expensive.. I would need Ø20mm x 0,5-1m...
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