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  1. plugged in directly to TEMP 1...still getting error do you have a link to this githut?
  2. Where should I buy a genuine board from then? So, I plug the pt100 cable into the mainboard TEMP 1 input?
  3. It's the white UM2 mainboard bought from Aliexpress.com. It has the LCD ulticontroller too
  4. thanks...the instructions on the wiki above clearly state that you can't just plug it into the mainboard? The connector does fit the TEMP1 pin but I still get the same error message. Also I can't upload the firmware for UM2 from Cura...but It will upload the UO firmware??
  5. Hi Sorry, it's the new pt100 temperature sensor...'E3D V6 PT100 Total Upgrade Kit' from E3D-online. I am trying to install an e3dv6 hot end on the UM2 clone i'm building, and the um2 mainboard gives me a 'TEMP SENSOR ERROR message when I power it up. The kit comes with an amplifier board which is supposed to be connected to a 'spare analog input pin' on the mainboard. I have no idea how to change the firmware to enable it, although I think I have coneected it to the right pin selected The um2 clone is an aluminium extrusion version...it has the white mainboard plus ultiLCD
  6. Hi all Got the new pt100 sensor kit for my UM2 clone but not sure how to install on mainboard...any tips? Thanks
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