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  1. OMG! ok, I missed that. There was one more layer of blue, so looks like it will work out. thanks
  2. So this is a picture of the first layer which will have an overhang. My concern is that there is no solid material under the print but an open grid of triangles. If yours look different then I may have the incorrect setting. I do have the interface set to 100%. I will take your word that it will not print a deformed overhang. Scott L.
  3. I have an Ultimaker 2+ Extended, but I'm looking at purchasing an S5 with the dual extruder. The main reason I want a dual extruder is the pva supports. I went into Cura and opened up an S5 Printer and put a sample print in to see how the supports would be printed. Specifically the Bottom and the Roof supports, what i was expecting for the roof supports, which were set for 100%, was a solid support at the roof level. It was NOT solid but still had a honey comb shape. So my question: Is a 100% roof expected to be a solid material so that I don't get deformations
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