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  1. No, haven't yet. Didn't want to risk adding any other possible issues. Can you install both and run either one?
  2. Yes, "a following topic has a reply" was already selected and set to immediately. Strangely though, after writing that post, it appears to be working now. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Seems like Cura 15.04.4 is making the head travel much more than necessary. Maybe I have a bad setting? For example, there are four sections with 10 lines. Instead of printing all ten then moving to the next section, it is printing two lines of one section, then going to the next section, printing two lines, moving to the next section, printing two lines, then coming back to the original section, printing two more lines, then going around and around again. Seems like the way it's doing it would take much more time than necessary. I'm sort of new to Ultimaker, but have not seen this behavior on other desktop 3D printers. (Ultimaker 2 is still much better than them in all other aspects) Any thoughts on how to prevent it? Once we fix this, our printing will be sweet. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Wondering why I don't get any email notifications from this forum? I always select "Follow and receive reply notifications." But I've never gotten an email, and have had plenty of forum replies. But I always have to check manually. I've checked the email is correct which I log in with. And there's nothing in my junk mail folder. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, Looking at these layers, it's going to string across this part. Even after enabling all combing. Which I thought meant it should only travel within the confines of the part. Doesn't matter what I set it to. Combing = All, No Skin or Off. Gives same result. Anybody know did I do something wrong, or how to fix this? Need to prevent stringing in the middle of the gear. Thanks
  6. This post was very helpful. My PLA was not sticking to the glass. I increased temp to 230 degrees, and slowed print down to 50%, both for the first few layers. Now, perfect brim. Problem solved.
  7. We're about to order the scrubber unit. Just checking again - has anyone else started using one of these?
  8. Seems like nobody has one. Can find lots of press release articles online, but not one case of anyone actually using it so far.
  9. Hi All, Our UM2E+ is inside a sealed office room. No windows can open, and the door is shut to keep fumes out of the hallway. We want people to be able to work in that office room, but the fumes even from PLA are too strong. Considering buying this air filtering enclosure. Does anyone have one of these, or have any experience with one? Would really like to know the results. http://3dprintclean.com/
  10. Hi smenguy, We're looking at getting the same one. Did you (or anyone else) order this? Any results?
  11. Aligning the rails, and tightening all 12 grub screws worked. Printing beautifully now
  12. Well, tightening the outside screws and lubricating the rails didn't work. The next print was worse than before. Originally shifted in the x-direction, this one shifted in x and y directions. Thanks Peggy, I've just tightened all those grub screws. Also the rails were out of alignment. So first I aligned them, using your link above. Then I used a Bondhus brand hardened 2mm allen key (hex) to tighten down all 12 grub screws very tightly. The weaker, cheaper allen keys (including the ones that came with the UM2E+) seem to just give way, stripping themselves or the grub screw. Thanks to gr5's suggestions here: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/6768-how-to-tighten-x-y-axis-set-screws
  13. Latest print shifted even sooner So we tightened the 4 screws for each motor, based on reading other threads (thanks gr5). Tightened them down tight, bending the allen key on each one. Are there other screws that need to be tightened? Seems to be printing better so far, time will tell
  14. Just got our Ultimaker 2+ Extended. Less than a month old, made a handful of good parts. But now, almost every time, it's shifting layers in the middle of a print. What would cause this, and how can we fix it? Any insights are appreciated Thanks
  15. Hi kervert, Did that tightening resolve this issue? We're having the same problem on a UM2E+, one month old.
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