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  1. Thanks gr5, Eventually was able to get the large footprint prints to stay put, but it has been a struggle. My semester is wrapping up in 2 weeks, so I am going to spend some time fine tuning my printer big time. I really appreciate the responses, thank you very much. Cheers, Tim
  2. Hi Chris, Keep in mind this is with a 0.3 initial layer, normally I try to do a much smaller layer to be honest. Plus, I have attempted to square the frame on several occasions, and it definitely seems to have helped. I've been using ColorFabb almost exclusively since I've started printing. I just like the silky smooth appearance it gives when it's done correctly. For this brim, I believe I actually raised the initial layer temp to 215C after reading what others do. I usually do my brim at 205 because I tend to print slowly, and after the initial layers, I will go 195C with 20mm/s print he
  3. Hi Peggyb, That's pretty much exactly what I do now to be honest. The pictures is the best I could get the brim adjusted too. Some areas are squished nicely, and other areas are a bit ropey... It's the whole reason I think my frame is not square. The bed will be levelled 100%, and yet I still get an uneven brim/first layer. I know there is also a slight warp in the glass due to a screw not being 100%, but the good folks at Ultimaker have sent me a replacement for that, so fingers crossed when I get the glass and re-square the frame again things will come together. In the mean time hopeful
  4. Ok, So I finally had time to print off the brim today and get a few pictures. I apologize if the quality of the pictures is not very good, unfortunately, I only have my phone, but if you need better quality pictures I'll try and borrow one from a friend. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByQ6OKsy-cVCT0VZVjdVX245T1E&usp=sharing I shared the pictures from my google drive, unfortunately, I wasn't sure how to add them here :/ The top left and top right are pretty big differences in layer height, well at least it appears so. top right is squished nicely, but the top left is a bit ro
  5. Thanks a lot for the tips! Great info! I have been using extra strength hairspray and glue sticks, and this has never been an issue before. I can only assume due to the large footprint it is showing the slight leveling imperfections.... I was going to pick up some elmers wood glue later today to give that a try based on reading a different thread where you mentioned it was your favorite. Overall, I love my printer and it performs very well on small to medium sized footprints, but these larger footprints have just been a nightmare for me. I'll get some pictures later today and post, Tha
  6. Hey Guys, Sorry guys, I was in a rush and frustrated when I wrote the question.... I'll take some pictures tomorrow after my exam, and go from there. I have verified my rods are square to each other with alignment tools, and the bed is leveled perfectly according to a 3d level. gr5, how your explaining the birm is exactly what is happening. Currently, I have the initial layer set to .3 to try and help with initial layers. I've tried manually adjusting the bed on the fly, but can never seem to get the correct balance on these larger prints. Once again, I'll print off the brim tomorrow aft
  7. Hey Guys, So...... I've been using my Ultimaker 2 Extended for a while now, and have been very happy with the performance of the machine.... Well, until about 3 days ago I've been very happy..... Long story short, I've had a few requests for larger prints, and this was the first time I was going to do a print which covered basically the entire print volume. I kept getting failure after failure, and could not understand what was going on. I've checked the glass and it has the slighest warp in it, and I had a screw that was not completely flush with the print bed. So I fixed the screw
  8. Hi, Sorry for the delayed response, school has been nuts :/ I've been using ColorFabb PLA/PHA for acetone dipping like Cloakfiend demonstrated in his videos.... It seems around 30-40 seconds fully submerged is the magic number for what I've been doing so far.... That being said I have pushed it further and the models start to crack, so I think I'll be sticking with 30-40 seconds for now lol..... Now I have to figure out what to do with an uneven glass plate. I never noticed before because my prints were generally not that large, but now I have an order for a few items where the footprint i
  9. HI, Awesome thread! Some of your finished prints are stunning. I've started experimenting with actetone dipping thanks to this thread, and honestly with a little sanding I'm blown away at the results! Really appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge, it has significantly improved our finished results. Thanks! Keep posting prints
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