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  1. thanks i will look into that . it is strange though that it prints other filaments fine . thanks for the tip i will take a look . i am also looking at reprinting the feed mechanism there
  2. the filament is fine and has diameter of 2.9 the feeder also is fine i looked it over . i maanged to get a print out yesterday but with a much thicker layer hight . it seems it stuggles more the thinner i go . .
  3. thanks nico . i had already done an atomic pull on the nozzle and cleaned it thoroughly so it cant have been that .
  4. I had been printing quite nicely with colourfab filament then changed to another filament . the filament then was not extruding enough and some prints failed . i tried changing the tension on the feed wheel at the back but it didnt help so much . i tryed upping the material flow which seemed to help to some degree , 0.1 prints where easier than 0.06 on the 0.06 prints i upped the material flow to something like 300 % material flow . i noticed the feed wheel would slip backwards when the prints failed , it looked like a retraction but at a place on the print where there was not a retraction .
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