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  1. Im printing with PC and the infill is 10% but when the nozzle passes this when laying down the inner and outer layers the nozzle hits the infill causing the print and build plate to vibrate and resulting in poor outer layer finish. Can anyone help. Cheers kev.
  2. I have tryed printing with HT and after a complete roll with many problems like warping off the bed,distortion on a vertical print and then the heat test it started to misshape and colapse at 80'c. I am very disappointed with this especialy after setting my ultimaker 2 extended + to the settings that are advised. Has anyone got any answers on this. Cheers all you 3d ers.
  3. Will The HT filament withstand the sun heat ????? Cheers Kev
  4. Hi all you 3d printers Does any one know of a filliment that will withstand the heat of the sun through the windscreen of a car. My itens fit to the Dashboard of vehicles which have an arch in them that are 4mm thick but in the extream heat they are just flopping to the floor and looking very sad. Im using Ultimaker PLA in black. I would apieciate any help. Cheers Kev
  5. H i all I'm Fairley new to 3d printing and after getting an Ultimaker Extended 2+ from ultimaker GB this year and with lots of help from Shaun Pullford i have manage to produce my objects but had one problem. This was gluing 4mm flat sections together end to end, after many failed attempts i have got it . . The Glue is Loctite 401 i smear a layer to both items then glue together holding them in place for 24 hours with strong dukt tape then hey presto like one sollid piece, i just have to sand the slight ridge that is formed. Hope this helps someone. All the best you printers kev.
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