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  1. Has anyone tried the filament by Ingeo? PLA from http://www.makergeeks.com/plafibymafi21.html Maker Filament PLA is different from other PLA's you have used in the past because our 3D printer PLA filament is made using the trademarked Ingeo brand of PLA resin and extrudes perfectly in nearly every 3D printer on the market today; with no jamming, extra strong finished parts and a low moisture absorption rate compared to the other PLA Filament on the market.
  2. I am looking to purchase filament that is sold from a store in the US. I have found a few suggestions on stores from this forum but most take me to sites outside the US. Is there a good filament sold online that is located in the US? It makes purchasing and shipping so much easier through my work if the store has a US address.
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