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  1. Hi Guys, I am still moving to duet's board. Today's problem is the hot end 5V fan, simply I have a problem to turn it on. I already splitted and plugged black/orange[-] cable on GND of FAN_2 and the red/blue[+] one to the 5V pin of the expansion board connector but it doesn't turn on when the nozzle reaches the target temp. I don't think but I paste here the part of confing.g maybe is there my problem: ; Fans M106 P0 S0 I0 F500 H-1 ; Set fan 0 value, model fans M106 P1 S1 I0 F500 H-1 ; Set fan 1 value, leds M106 P2 S0 I
  2. Hello users! Finally I am moving to Duet board, the migration is still in progress but for the moment it is really interesting! At the moment I have some problem with the configuration of the Z axis. I have some difficulty especially with the writing of the homez.g . I hope someone can help me to write and configure it. @neotko @ultiarjan Edit: I did the Configuration tool but the homez.g seems incorrect for the um.
  3. Hello @foehnsturm , this project is interesting but I would like to ask: the sensor measure only the flow or it try to adjust the extrusion during the prints?
  4. Bel lavoro Pieri70! These extruder[K]_filament_used are interesting, but in my opinion the most interesting are those with the = => =< and other simbols after the placeholders. @neotko posted some screenshots some time ago, I tried to use some of those but without results, without a serious documentation it is quite hard to improve the profiles and the prints.
  5. What can you tell me about the buildplate calibration with the duet @zerspaner_gerd ?
  6. it seems that you have swapped the 6mm shafts with the sturdier 8mm ones and the short belts have different sized pulleys, something like 16/32 teeth?
  7. Am I the only one that note there is a shifted layer to the front? The bad overhang isn't caused by the cooling defect but by the slipping
  8. I'm interested too, I would like to replace my UM2's fried board with the duet. What about coding via reprap code and cabling? I've read the documentation pages and it seems intuitive, but I'm a bit scared to get my hands on the electronics as my electrical background is pretty basic
  9. With a lot of walls is hard to get a 100% top fill, you can try to reduce the line width and lower the numbers of the outer wall to increase the top infill area, with the right amount of overlap it should works nice
  10. Ciao @enki, hai giá provato ad aumentare i mA dei motori X ed Y? Magari con il comando M906 . Riguardo a s3d puoi provare ad utilizzare piú processi e mano a mano che sali di Z diminuisci la velocitá e non l'accelerzione
  11. Hello @foehnsturm, I would like to report a minor-negligible issue with the updated head.stl file, the main head part is positioned 0.25mm higher than the cable cover. This is not a real issue but it could create problems if the user does not notice it before printing.
  12. You have to insert the idle temp after the T[new_tool] line otherwise the firmware ignore it and drops the temp at something like 175/120/80. Example, T0 is the idle/old tool, T1 the new active tool : T[new_tool] / T1 ; {IF NEWTOOL=1} M104 S[extruder2_temperature] T0 ; T0 at idle temp {IF NEWTOOL=1} M109 S[extruder1_temperature] T1 ; wait T1 active temp I really like your idea to use another extruder to set the idle temp! About the placeholders, the main ones are posted from neotko in the link above here, other instead are scattered in S3D for
  13. I have not understand completely, your problem is the material temp or the script temp? Note, I use this profile on a UM2 with the mark2, I never test it on a um3
  14. I prefer seperate movements because if there are some ooze under the nozzles the "script" lock and stick the ooze on the prime pillar or the shield and it will not fly over the printed parts, go up on the nozzles or scratch the object with the wrong material. The final script moves the head and the build plate in to the switch direction and it can be completely stripped, until now it never give me problems. I know that there are a lot of zero extruder but with the current version they are necessary to avoid wrong positioning of the materials lenght. You are right @
  15. Hello Mark2 users, I would like to share my latest version of the mark2 profile for S3D. This profile is not issues free, the toolchange process is better and shorter than the previous version. In addition, I would like to report a minor issue too, with the latest firmware [17.09] during the toolchange the machine ignore completly part of my script: G1 X[next_position_x] Y[next_position_y] F[travel_speed] ; move XY first G1 Z[next_position_z] F1500 ; zero lift The head moves to the next coordinates simultaneously, this isn't a big problem but I would like to u
  16. Hey @RudydG I have the mark2 setup too. I don't understand what you mean, my english is not very good.
  17. Hello Zeno, your script is right but you do not insert the " ; " after the {IT OLDTOOL/NEWTOOL} placeholders in the toolchange script tab. Take a look at mine that I use for the mark2: ; PLA/PLA SCRIPT T[old_tool] ; old tool M104 S175 ; idle tool {IF OLDTOOL=0}M104 S190 T1 ; preheat before swap {IF OLDTOOL=1}M104 S190 T0 ; preheat before swap G92 E0 ; zero extruder G1 E-[toolchange_retract_distance] F[toolchange_retract_speed] ; retract old tool T[new_tool] ; new tool {IF NEWTOOL=0}M104 S175 T1 ; cool idle tool {IF NEWTOOL=1}M104 S
  18. Hello, I'm disassemble the XY movement. Before install the new shafts I wanted to check how much the old ones were bent. So I made them rotate (in place) on the buildplate glass and checking the contact area and...SURPRISE! They are not bent! I tried it on two different plates, in different position, with and without bearings as you done in one your video. At the moment I'm really confused. I noticed instead that, a flanged bearing has some play in its hole on the back plate, exactly one that hold the shaft that seemed bent. Is it possible that this was the cause? I don't know. Now I w
  19. In addition to what Neotko said, the igus version doesn't have the right size. The standard/misumi version is a 12x21x57mm, the igus version instead is 12x22x57mm. The difference in the outer diameter means that the platform cover can't be mounted. Here is the source, the version I'm talking about is the FJUMT-02-12 and they cost 29.78 € each, not so cheap.
  20. I asked you this simply because I would not have any surprises once I've replaced XY shafts and bearings. Thanks for the help Neotko
  21. To be sure, there could be other causes according you?
  22. I just realized that a 8mm shaft is not as straight as I thought. It swings up and down something like 0.05/0.1 mm, now I don't have it at hand but tomorrow I will check better with a dial gauge. It is a little bit embarrassing I have not noticed it
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