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  1. You'll need to edit your "After print job completes" GCODE script in the printer settings section of Octoprint. This is what I'm using: G28 X0 ; home the X-axis M104 S0 ; turn off heaters M140 S0 ; turn off bed M107 ; turn off fan G28 ; home all M84 ; disable motors
  2. The stepper drivers were a bit of a bust. Installing the dampers was precarious because of how they interact with the motor spacers. Because of the spacers and the stand-off from the frame only using 2 screws places a lot torque on the screws and pulls the motor out of alignment. The result is the belt runs skew in the gear. Different motor mounts with more padding, mounting the motors outside the chassis so I can use the dampers or converting to direct drive are the only things I can come up with at the moment. They also didn't seem to make much difference to the noise levels - it seems
  3. That spot of superglue seems to have done the trick. No issues to report.
  4. I've been having similar issues with mine after upgrading to the new extruder. Turns out the gear on extruder motor slipped off the shaft. I think a bit of lube from the gears got on the shaft and helped work it loose.
  5. I had the gear slip off the motor axel again. In fumbling with it I noticed that some of the lube was on the shaft as well. I suspected that's half the issue, so I pulled out an alcohol swap, cleaned off the small gear (especially inside the hole) and the motor axel. Then I put a spot of superglue on the shaft for good measure before replacing the gear. I couldn't make it budge after that, so with luck that's the trick.
  6. I'm experiencing issues with the white nylon gear on the shaft of the new UM2+ feeder (upgrade kit) is slipping along the motor's shaft. It's happened to twice so far. The first time the gear slipped off the end of the shaft, and the second time it got pushed flush with the motor body. The gear doesn't show any sign of damage - it's just moving up and down the shaft under the force of extrusion/retraction. Suggestions would be very, very welcome.
  7. I did the upgrade on mine this morning. It took me a little over an hour as I took the opportunity to do some maintenance and re-lube the z-azis while I was at it. You're correct that the plugs were all tight and that there is a lot less room to move than the videos imply. The orange/blue wire in the middle was tough - I resorted to pliers and was extremely careful to only grab the plug, not the wire, when pulling. It's the only one I needed a tool for. The stepper driver plug will come out if you wiggle it side to side. The heater and fan wires along the edge have a catch that you'
  8. Thanks for the tip. I installed the extrusion upgrade kit this morning, and it included a set of spacers to help align the X/Y axis after replacing the rods - I expect they'll make moving those pulleys a lot easier. FWIW the new fan shroud from the upgrade kit is fairly quiet at 100%, but I suspect that's the fans more than the shroud. The new geared feeder works like a champ and *seems* quieter. Any ideas what to do about the beep-beep sound?
  9. I've been on a similar quest to quieten my UM2E: Swapping all the fans for Sunon Maglevs helped my ears stop ringing. Padded feed helped a bit, but I suspect print quality is suffering as a result. Putting a door on the front and a lid on the top was a complete waste of time. Enclosing the whole thing in a box made of 16mm 5 layer polycarbonate sheeting made a massive difference - it's used for greenhouses and blocking road noise. I can sit next to it while printing and hold a phone conversation, but I can still feel that stepper hum in my bones. The polycarbonate case does
  10. I'd guess it's intended to be 0.15mm I measured mine as 0.14mm with some digital calipers. Try getting a "feeler gauge" from an auto-parts shop. They're used for setting the gap on spark plugs.
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