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  1. "file / Reset profile to default" not available in 15.04.4 "fix horrible" ...?! if you mean repair options : didn´t change outcome Tried reinstalling cura and also with older versions of Cura - same problems... Xray looks fine Sclicing Engine says(I don`t know how to find an error there...) : Running: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_15.04.4\CuraEngine.exe -v -p -s initialSpeedupLayers=4 -s minimalFeedrate=10 -s preSwitchExtruderCode= -s supportXYDistance=700 -s insetXSpeed=80 -s retractionZHop=0 -s extruderOffset[3].X=0 -s extruderOffset[3].Y=0 -s gcodeFlavor=1 -s postSwitchExtruderCode= -s retractionSpeed=40 -s filamentFlow=100 -s infillOverlap=15 -s skinSpeed=30 -s inset0Speed=40 -s coolHeadLift=0 -s extrusionWidth=400 -s upSkinCount=4 -s initialLayerSpeed=30 -s minimalLayerTime=3 -s infillSpeed=100 -s supportExtruder=-1 -s fanSpeedMax=100 -s supportType=1 -s enableCombing=1 -s fanSpeedMin=100 -s supportZDistance=150 -s supportEverywhere=0 -s filamentDiameter=2850 -s initialLayerThickness=300 -s supportAngle=-1 -s fanFullOnLayerNr=2 -s extruderOffset[1].X=18000 -s extruderOffset[1].Y=0 -s layerThickness=150 -s endCode=M25 ;Stop reading from this point on. ;CURA_PROFILE_STRING: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 -s minimalExtrusionBeforeRetraction=20 -s retractionMinimalDistance=1500 -s skirtMinLength=0 -s objectSink=0 -s retractionAmount=4500 -s nozzleSize=400 -s skirtLineCount=0 -s startCode= -s skirtDistance=0 -s extruderOffset[2].Y=0 -s extruderOffset[2].X=0 -s perimeterBeforeInfill=0 -s printSpeed=50 -s fixHorrible=1 -s layer0extrusionWidth=400 -s moveSpeed=150 -s supportLineDistance=2666 -s retractionAmountExtruderSwitch=16500 -s sparseInfillLineDistance=-1 -s insetCount=2 -s downSkinCount=4 -s multiVolumeOverlap=150 -g 49674 -m 1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0 -s posx=115000 -s posy=112500 $ Cura_SteamEngine version 15.04.4 Copyright © 2014 David Braam This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License along with this program. If not, see . Default config 'default.cfg' not used Reading mesh from socket with 459630 vertexes Loaded from disk in 0.344s Analyzing and optimizing model... Face counts: 153210 -> 152786 99.7% Vertex counts: 459630 -> 76449 16.6% Size: 202.458000 202.458000 17.000000 vMin: 13.771000 11.271000 0.000000 vMax: 216.229000 213.729000 17.000000 vMin: -101.229000 -101.229000 0.000000 vMax: 101.229000 101.229000 17.000000 Matrix: 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000 Matrix: 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 Matrix: 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 Optimize model 0.327s Slicing model... Layer count: 112 Sliced model in 2.917s Generating support map... Generating layer parts... Generated layer parts in 0.562s Generated inset in 4.524s Generated up/down skin in 6.131s Wrote layers in 16.10s. Wrote 2.7 kilobytes. Total time elapsed 30.90s.
  2. Hi. Does anyone has the same issue with Cura not working properly?: A stl put into Cura appears to get transformed into pathes/layers ok (pic 1) - but fails to save on SD-Card. It`s possible to save it on harddrive - but when opening that gcode in Cura it shows (2nd pic) that there are layers missing so that the printer is stopping then. The stl is fine - no open edges or else... checked with Rhino and netfab. Also the walls are at least 1 mm -using a 0,4mm nozzle. Happened with different stls. Any hints where to search the cause for this? I use a very good PC and Cura 15.04.4 (-and didn´t have the issue with former versions...) Thanks, Lars
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