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  1. I only get maxtemp with 4 drivers installed, otherwise temperature measurement seems pretty reliable heating up. I changed my PSU today, the one that came with it was a Liteon PSU, tech guy said they have never shipped that brand so I got a new one from ultimaker. I didn't change anything. The drivers are tuned clockwise (ultimaker wiki) to the endstop which is no current, but I'm getting current, which I'm very confused about :( again I don't think I have a connection error, its fine without the drivers installed, maxtemp does not occur.
  2. I'll try not to do that then I had another bit of bad luck as well last night, I didn't get ber dunk when I wanted to connect my printer, and now I can't connect for some reason. It's quite disheartening, I feel like I'm being punished for trying to get a good eBay deal :( OK I think the socket and the driver may have somehow been toasted? Used one of my good drivers in the E socket and nothing. Is there a way to try E2 socket? All of the drivers are tned to lowest possible setting as well, otherwise maxtemp occurs.
  3. PS I know that adjusting clockwise reduces current, I did not adjust counter clockwise!
  4. They were not cheap really £60 for 4. I bought some A4988 drivers from eBay for £10 for my I3, maybe I should have gone down that route. On the bright side I printed something, not recognisable though, extruder is still motionless. swapped motor sockets E motor turned fine, so it's not the motor. The driver appears to not work in any socket, so maybe it got short circuited somehow on first start-up, that was the only one I didn't adjust. When it didn't move I did adjust pot then but still nothing, and my hotend was at 210 degrees. Tech support is talking to his manager, possibly thinks i
  5. I know a few things about electronics and I do know how to use a multimeter, I just don't own one. Yes I did, for the ultimaker original. Yes the ultimaker original. I got to the bottom of the problem, I removed all of the stepper motor drivers and now there is no elephants noise on startup and I can get things to heat up and down with no maxtemp or Mintemp errors. The previous owner must have adjusted them for some reason and did it badly because I couldn't remember which order they went back in and one did magic smoke. When I get four new ones is it wise to not do any trimpot adjustmen
  6. Thank you for the fast reply The temp sensor has never been used before, I don't see why it would be bad? I'll have to buy a multimeter to check voltages and whatnot, I can try that on Monday I don't think I have a loose connection, I get Mintemp when things are not connected on power up. Maxtemp rears its head after a few seconds when things are connected. I currently do not have the fan connected because I heard it can cause interference. Will that cause maxtemp? On Monday I'm thinking of going to Lancashire so 3DGBIRE can take a look at it, I don't know what else to do.
  7. hello ultimaker forums i recently bought a second hand ultimaker original to be my second 3D printer (self built prusa i3). It was in a bit of state when I got it, but I was aware of its faults and I thought it could be fixed with my okay knowledge of 3D printing. I have replaced pretty much every electrical component on it and I am still getting mintemp and maxtemp errors, I have researched people with similar problems and I have seen that they made sure everything is connected that kind of thing. My printer will accurately measure temperature when connected with USB and no mains power (t
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