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  1. Nice print and the quality definitely looks better than the previous print. I also use S3D with my Ultimaker and was curious to know what settings you ended up using. I would love to try these on some of my prints as I also have issues with the Z scarring which I have always suspected is just the settings I am using.
  2. Hi All, Is there anyway to update the firmware without Cura installed. I use Simplify 3D to run my UM2 Extended + and do not even have Cura installed. I have only had the printer for a week so have not been through the firmware update before. Thanks.
  3. Hi Alecsm, I have just purchased the UM 2 Extended + myself a week ago and I am very happy with the quality. Its beats my Makerbot Replicator 2 in pretty much every aspect. Enjoy your printing. As for the fake, it really annoys me when I see things like this coming out of China. It amazes me that they can quite blatantly rip off someone elses idea with absolutely no consequences. I know UM claims to be open source but this is stretching it a bit far.
  4. Hi Bob, Picked up the printer today and glad to say everything looks fine. I gave it the once over then ran through the startup and did my first print using S3D. It all worked a treat. The print came out fine but can I ask what startup script you are using in S3D? On my Makerbot the start up script sends the head over off the side of the build plate then wipes the nozzle across the plate at the start of the print and then heads into the brim. Its a very clean start and I never get any filament caught up around the nozzle. I have noticed that the travel of the head does not go outside the build plate on the new printer so this is not an option on the UM2. The default start script for the UM in S3D does a few moves at the front of the build plate but a blob of filament got caught around the nozzle and ended up stuck to the side of my print. It came off easily when the print was finished but I am just curious what you do to avoid this. Thanks Mike.
  5. Hi Robert, Thanks for the links this is exactly what I was looking for. I am assuming the machine is going to be so much better out of the box than my previous one but it doesn't hurt checking a few things before I start. Also I have Simplify 3D and I have imported the Ultimaker 2 Extended printing profile which I am hoping is going to work well with the + version printer (currently there is no + version profiles in S3D). Are there many people using S3D with Ultimakers? There is not a lot of info in this forum about it so it might be a bit of trial and error. Thanks, Mike.
  6. Hi All, My first post here... I have just purchased an Ultimaker 2 Extended + and it arrives in a couple of days. My question is are there any articles or can anyone give me some advice on what things I should check on the new machine. I have owned a Makerbot Rep 2 for a couple of years and when it first arrived I found loose bolts, the belts needed tightening and a few things had almost no lubrication. Once I fixed these things it made a huge difference to the print quality. I picked the UM as it seems a really good quality unit but should I be checking anything on this new machine before I start printing with it. Are they any general maintenance tips anyone can give me to get the most out of this printer. I don't mind having a tinker but don't want to get too crazy changing half the machine like I had to with the Rep 2 to get consistant results. Can't wait to get the new printer and look forward to getting some great feedback from this forum. Mike.
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