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  1. Is there a reason I can't find anything about the Ultimaker 2 on here? Has it been discontinued? I updated the Cura on my machine and now I can't find where the different extruder selections are for the Olsen block upgrade. Can anyone assist me with this please? Thanking you in advance. Vincent
  2. I have purchased both a black and white flexifill filament from formfutura and on initial printing I get a good lay down on the base it does however start releasing after only a few minutes, I have resolved this by using a very thin double-sided tape to get it to stick to the glass bed. My problem however is that the stepper motor that feeds the filament to the printhead becomes jammed as it is so flexible so for the first 5 minutes you get an awesome print and then the filament starts zigzagging in the tube and can't get to the print head. is there any advise you could give me as I have a bi
  3. Good Morning, I have an UM2 and two months ago had the Ollson Block installed by Rapid3D everything has been great, prints have been coming out fantastic but 3 weeks ago while printing I got a Heater Stopped - Heater error. I turned off, let the machine cool and tried again. No problem, however this morning when I started printing only on the first later. (So the fans have not yet turned on) The Heater Stopped - Heater Error message came on again. So I switched off and allowed the machine to cool again. Reset everything for a second attempt, again in exactly the same place as before, first l
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