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  1. Ultimaker 2 Filament Guide Final (with cleaner/oiler)

    Filament Guide for Ultimaker 2 - Final version
    This guide is used when the spool is rotated by 90 degrees behind the printer. The 90 degree rotation can be usefull to force the filament ripples of the extruder to the side of the bowden and PTFE coupler. This mod helped me to get rid of a lot of underextrusions as the friction of the ripples inside the PTFE coupler was very high.
    You need:
    M3x14 and a washer to mount the base to the UM2 below the extruder. This replaces an original screw of the left motor covers.
    A M5x20 with a nut to fix the arm at the base plate.
    A 606 ball bearing to keep the wheel moving
    Press the ball bearing in the wheel an click it on the arm.
    Fix the arm with the M5 screw at the base plate in the desired angle.
    Remove the original motor cover screw from your UM2 and mount the FilaGuide with the new screw and the washer instead.
    Fill the cleaner/oiler block with your cleaning/oiling material and push the filament through the holes.


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