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  1. Problem solved: Turns out that a relay/transistor (not sure which) on the circuit board was broken, so unloaded it worked fine, but when loaded with the fan it could not provide sufficent voltage. Anyhow, solution was to just replace the whole circuit board (easier than soldering) and now everything works fine!
  2. Thank you! I will try and see if I can find something
  3. It sounds like the transistor can be the problem then. The fan does never come on, no matter what the temperature of the heater head is. How do I short the 2,5V line directly to the 5V line? I dont have Altium.. I assume I do it on the main board?
  4. thanks for the reply gr5 Yes, i know, and when I measure the current it is 0V when the machine is of (obvious) and 5V as soon as I start the printer (with the fan disconnected). Problem is when I connect the fan (the connectors on the cable above the printhead) the voltage drops to 2,5V which is too less to start the fan
  5. Hi I am experiencing some problems with my back fan on the heater head. I have read on the forum that the back fan should always be on, but mine is never on. So, I started to measue the voltage. The back fan is a 5V fan so I assume I should read a 5V current on the connectors to the fan. Problem is, I only read 2,5 V. But this is when the fan is connected, if I disconnect the fan and measure on the connector directly i get a nice 4,9V reading. Anyone has any idea why the voltage drops to half when I connect the fan? I have also tested the fan with external power source, it really needs approx 5V to start, so mine 2,5V is not enough Best regards Daniel
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