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  1. i was looking for a steel hot end for UM3 that can print abrasive materials like Carbon fire
  2. when are we going to get a steel hot end for ultimaker 3?
  3. I love my Ultimaker 2(+)! There is nothing quite like taking the idea in your head and turning in to a real thing you can hold in your hand! ... Plus I get lots of cool and unique toys too. It is lots of learning and trial and error, though, so be prepared to sink some time in to it. My only complaint with my printer is that my robot project got put on hold as I got distracted with the printer. That was more than a year ago! To keep this on topic, though, I have never had the urge to convert to 1.75mm and I have not trouble getting 2.85mm in Canada, both cheap stuff and quality name bran
  4. ok thanks, the filament i was looking at is 2.95 mm. And how do you like your UM2+?
  5. Oh! I did not know that. Thanks for the details! Heh, Noe and Pedro do seem to do a lot of that! Do you think i can use 3mm filament? Also i was considering buying a UM2+ what are your thoughts on yours?
  6. Hi where are you located im in Ontario and im planning on opening up my own 3-D printing business. Currently im doing the research and making some money to buy a U2+. What is your opinion on a 3-D printing business. So far im making my own 3-D printable RC car and next a drone. Hopefully i will be able to sell them. What are your thoughts on that and what is working for you so far? Thanks for the tips.
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