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  1. Hi All, Just a quick update, bought off new filament, some Esun and things seem to be back to normal. To many retractions will still cause a prob which is expected, otherwise i am back to having successful prints. Thanks for all the help.
  2. GR5 - Yeah that is exactly what happens with my filament too. Will ultimaker replace it?
  3. Ok latest update after a weekend of multiple failed prints and multiple different variation of settings. In a effort to narrow down the issue i tried a print at HQ with No retractions to see if retractions was the issue, also with a slight higher nozzle temp 215C and also the spool on the floor to minimize tension. Everything seemed to be going fine nearing 8 hours into the print. I was actually confident that I had finally been able to narrow down the issue. Then i heard a snap. The filament had snapped off at the entrance to the feeder. After a lot of wrestling with the filament to get
  4. Sorry, just did a check of the stats and I was drastically overestimating the printing time. As of now it has only printed 120 hours. I usually leave it over night so i did a rough estimation at the time. The printer has been on around 390 hours. Its bit craze but once left it on for a weekend in the workshop by accident since i turned the LED down i didn't notice it. Anyways, i did another Atomic pull and attached photos. I also attached photos the most recent print at high quality mentioned before. it seemed to print fine until near the end which had one layer that has what looks to be
  5. Hi GR- Ambient is around 23-5C. As for #2 it seem to be fine, doesn't break up or crack easily. Will need to check the diameter of the filament, it is an OEM spool of Ultimaker Metallic Silver. Will need to check about the retractions for the problem file and see. Would printing at a lower default quality setting reduce retractions? Why i ask is I printed the same model but at High vs Ultra and it print out fine. Same support type and all. But will count the retractions in both to confirm later. Neotko - The PTFE is the original. There is at most only 400-500 hours on it, maybe less.
  6. Update, it managed to print the previously failed print successfully with not much issues. So i proceeded to try another file, one that was a much simpler print, only 1 hour or so but at ultra quality. To my disappointment this morning and again it had failed after about 2-4mm into the print. As a test i picked another file immediately to print to see if the filament would advance. Again the feeder was stuck. No so much a grinding but more clicking like the it was trying to push the filament and the clutch would slip thus the filament to drop back. Looking at the filament in the bowden tu
  7. GUDO - Thanks for the suggestion. I had another look at the PTFE but i think the crookedness is a result of camera distortion. In a effort to fix this i cleaned out, i unloaded the filament and did a thorough clean and check of everything. I did the Atomic pull was clean, ran filament through the bowden and no roughness, I use a blower to clean out the feeder of all debris and just for good measure I loosened the filament spool. It was only half used. And the final thing was i resliced in Cura 15.04. So far things seem to be working and it has printed beyond the point of last failure.
  8. Hi, Hopefully someone will be able to clue me into what the issue or cause is. Background - Running Cura 2.1.3 and 2.1 firmware on the UM2GO Layer height: .06 Speed: 40mm/s Support type: touching build plate Fill density: 20% I did an initial slice and began printing the model, everything seemed to be progressing fine, I was monitoring and realized that I forgot to enable supports so i aborted the print. After redoing the slice with supports enabled, I proceeded to print again. The time to completion was 5 hours. So i left it to print over night. Woke up this morning and discovered
  9. Cool, Thanks. Will look into the upgrades. Do you know if at least TPU would work in the standard UM2GO?
  10. Seems Cura doesn't have a "materials type" selection when using a UM2GO. does this mean that UM2GO does not work with the new filaments?
  11. Thanks Been busy the last month with work but have been able to setup my work area for a lot of 3d experimentation. Wish me luck
  12. Just wondering is the 35W heater a must for the Olsson block upgrade, sorry just trying to get a bettering understanding. Am I right to assume that the higher powered heater will benefit certain nozzle sizes more?
  13. Is the 35w heater cartridge part of the Olson Block package?
  14. Sorry if this question has been asked already, but is the Olson block an ideal upgrade for UM2GO if only using PLA? Seeing that the UM2+ has this as standard, there seems to be some merit to it but since they haven't released anything for UM2GO i'm cautious to know if there are reasons i don't see. Further, will upgrading the Olson block alone be enough or will feeder also need to be upgraded? Any other concerns? Power? Thanks for any help. E
  15. Hi, Just wanted to see if there are any recommended vendors or filament producers in Asia specifically HK? Trying to keep shipping costs reasonable. thx
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