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  1. any news about this innoflex 3dnerd? Did u get any well prints? What settings? Thanks
  2. I don't think 10 degrees can have such a big impact ....anyway 100 degrees bed temp is the max bed temp for ultimaker 2+ :(
  3. I have tryed lots of prints, with support print were needed, and after 4th-5th layer, the print start to unwrap especially under the support. I m printing with 260 degrees, 100 d. buildplate, 60 mm/s print speed. I had the same problems with 0.4 and 0.8 noozles. Fan speed 10%, Flow 100%. I have tryed w/wo glue or hairspray. Any suggestions will be welcomed!
  4. It's the first time when I hear that .... I think it's a bad quality piece of glass :(
  5. I have left the printer to work for 2.5h for a print, using Colorfabb HT, a filament which requires 100+ degrees (celsius) for the heated bed. Now, just arrived home, removed the print and ...suprise! Pieces of heated bed glass are stuck inside the print! How is that possible!?
  6. thanks for reply. I did another print today, perfectly done, without any filament reload or bed leveling ...maybe the nozzle were clogged!? I print often with first layer between 0.06 to 0.15 without any problems. I'm still thinking if the filament is good enough. I'm using Innofil PLA (yellow, not fluorescent) but it was sold by a local company like "clearance". I will let you know if I'll have news Thanks
  7. What do you think guys? This is the first layer 0.1 mm
  8. but except the main metal roller, it is something different than the UM2? Thanks
  9. I've just printed the Robert's feeder when i saw that i can use almost all the parts used on the original feeder. Uninstalled the original feeder and discovered that the main feeder roller different than the one presented in robert's install. instructions. I've started to do this after several filament jam, while printing with flexible fil. Any suggestions?
  10. Another try with print speed @ 25 ...same problem but a bit later. I mean not at the begining of the print. [material] name=INNOF45 temperature=255 temperature_0.80=255 bed_temperature=30 fan_speed=50 flow=110 (recomended flow for this material is 100-130) diameter=2.85 Layer height 0.20 Print speed 25 Nozzle size 0.8 Infill speed 0 (zero) What kind of settings are you using for flexible printing?
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