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  1. Hi All There may be a two reasons to get this issue. 1. LCD cable and Board 2.LCD display Step.1 first we have checked the all cable connections and board then restarted the printer. Step.2 we have changed with new cable and board then also it is not worked.so we confirmed that it is not problem with the cable and the board. We have contacted our local reseller and claimed the LCD display part under warranty then we replaced the part.it is worked well.
  2. Dear Ultimaker Team We are one of the resellers in India we have almost sold around 40 ultimaker 3 and 3 extended printers around India.our customers recently facing the issues with this printers. 1. Communication Error with the Print Head/ER18 (around 10 to 20 customers complained about this issue.) 2. There is an I2C Communication Error around 10 customers complained about this issue. 3. X or Y axis is stuck or limit switch has broken/ER17 around 5 to10 customers complained about the issue. We have solved the above issues by continuously follow
  3. Dear SandervG Any update on the issue. Please give some solution ASAP. because we are facing the issue with two Ultimaker 2 extended printers. Waiting for the reply!
  4. Dear SandervG Thanks for the reply! We are using the firmware version 15.04.5 and Cura also we are using the same version (15.04.5). we have not modified anything in Gcode. if we update the latest firmware version( 3.3.1) to the printers the feeder gear is rotating reverse while loading the filament.
  5. Hi SandervG Thank you for the quick response, We are using the Ultimaker Glass plate and we have to select Autoleveling procedure. before giving the print we are cleaning the build plate neatly. We have used the printer in the room temperature 28 to 35-degree centigrade and The first layer is sticking to the build plate properly, we are using Glue-type of thing for sticking, the initial layer speed is 10mm/s, Print speed 40mm/s, Travel speed 100mm/s, the Initial layer line width is 0.4mm. We are following every step provided in Ultim
  6. Dear Brulti Thanks for your quick reply! We are using PLA and ABS, It has happened different materials sometimes with ABS sometimes with the PLA materials.it is not happening with same print cores.we are trying to print Mechanical and Medical prints. we are storing the filament in the Dry box with silica gel packs. and there is no moisture, we keep the filaments in the dry box while printing also, we have not even opened the filament in atmospheric. and my room temperature is 28 to 35-degree centigrade. We have cleaning the Printcores by heating and sometimes the capaciti
  7. Hi All the same issues with the Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended, the material is jamming the Whole print Head.we have faced almost 5 to 6 printers with the same problem May I know what is the reason and How to avoid this type of problems. Please find the below-attached images and give some solutions ASAP.
  8. Dear @SandervG Thanks for the quick reply Please find the below-attached videos and give some solution ASAP. VID_20180629_110750436.zip
  9. Hi One of my Ultimaker 2 extended 3D printers facing the issues. 1. Ultimaker 2 extended 3D printer suddenly stops the printing, and that time we are not able to operate the machine, 2. when the print is running if we want to operate Tune option it also stops and stuck like a statue. for this above issues, we have updated latest version firmware but this issue is not resolved Please find the below-attached videos link and give some solution. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1znHBtSAq67e0pOocfvSAuuN9T_nTU9cr/view https://drive.google.com/open?id=1
  10. Hi Thanks for your reply. Old build plate may be the problem with soldering.but after changing the new build plate also new buildplate got burned out.. 1. Is there any possibility to burned out the build plate due to the power flactuation..?? 2.we have upgraded hot end from ultimaker 2 to Ultimaker 2+ without updating the 2+ firmware is this the reason..?? Please help me out..I'm very much suffering with this issue..
  11. Hi One of my two ultimaker-2 got burned out.i have given a long print 10hrs yesterday night today morning I have observed there is my build plate got burned out.last week also my another ultinmaker-2 printer build plate got the same thing. may I know what is the reason and why the build plate got burned out easily? Please find the below-attached images and give some solution ASAP.
  12. Hi I am using PLA settings like Temperature 210-215 Degree Celcius, and can you please tell me what are the print parameters need to change. I am using 0.6 and 0.8mm diameter nozzle.
  13. Hi I am using Ultimaker 2 extended+ 3D printer.I have some doubts about printing parameters for about corbon fiber filament 1. Can we Corbon fiber filament in Ultimaker 2 Extended+ printer..??? 2. If yes What are the parameters i need to change..?? 3. I have tried Corbon fiber filament but it is printing but after couple of hours the nozzle gets clogging..?? it woluld be great if any one help me out.
  14. Version 1.0


    This is only test print,We have Scanned left leg of person and done designing using 3D design software's and Printed and we have prepossessed with white cement for smoothness.
  15. Hi I am Using Ultimaker 2 3D Printer,Till yesterday it is worked fine but today I am turn on the printer and the bed is heating automatically.i'm not increased the Bed temp,and i did issue resolving solutions like Firmware Updated and Checked the connections at Mother board and Bed and i have changed new cable .but issue is not resolved. Please give some solution ASAP. I wonder if anybody tell the solution of printer. Thank you &Regards Praveen Jadi
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