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  1. I cleaned out the knurled wheel but the problem now is that I need to put the cover back over the feeder and the nuts have fallen out of the holder. Is it possible to remove the housing in order to place the nuts back in there. I need a nut behind the four corners but only have one of them right now. I tried to loosen the two bolts on the top and bottom but am afraid that they will have a similar issue with the nut that is holding them falling, thoughts. I duct taped the housing cover there and it worked for about an hour and a half until it became too loose.
  2. Vince805 it is allowing the filament to go into the Bowden Tube when it initially feeds it in but then when I tried to have it pull the filament in with the test print the filament gets crushed. Should I open up the feeder and try to clean it out? Labern I will check that but I honestly feel that it is a problem with the feeder because there is filament that comes out when it get I am initially putting the filament into the machine, and I think that this is because of the fact that the nozzle is hot.
  3. Thanks, I have been cutting that off and it still gets crushed each time by the feeder. I have tried to loosen that up but it does not seem to do anything.
  4. I have owned my Ultimaker 2 Extended + for one week and this is also my first 3D printer. It has done well so far but now it is having trouble after changing the filament. It will not print anything right now despite the fact that I have removed the filament and tried to loosen the piece that advances the filament. I tried the original filament back in and in the same thing happened where the filament comes out and looks as if it has been crushed in one spot. Do I need to continue to loosen the piece on the back? I know that filament has been coming out when I go to put the filament back into the machine but I am getting frustrated. Thanks for any help!
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