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  1. Hey guys! I just installed Cura and I have a Flashforge Creator Pro so the default settings do not apply. So I am in the process of setting it up and the program wants to know "machine width X (mm)" and Y and Z, of course. What does this mean? Is this for overall dimensions or build plate dimensions? Or something else? Thanks for any help! -Nik
  2. Well the bed is heated, I have it set to 110C and the only way that it will get past the first two layers at all is with a raft. I am using I think it is called Kapton tape on the bed as well. Also this is curling up far more than a shrinking part, my makergear has parts curl but not like this, it seems like there is more filament on the vertical edges than the rest of the part on this one. Is this maybe that the printer settings are wrong? You mentioned "cura", what is that? As I said I am really new so thank you for your patience!
  3. Hey guys! I am new to this forum and to the 3d printing world. I have a Flashforge Creator Pro that I am trying to get to print accurately ( I hope it is OK to ask about this printer on this site). I have been using Replicator G instead of Slic3r and Pronterface which I use on two other printers. I would rather use Slic3r because it seems like replicator does not have the same capabilities for changing detailed settings that Slic3r does. The main problem is that Slic3r is not working with this printer, the printer continuously prints farther away from the plate then I specified so the print does not stick, and it is only printing in the back right corner. One thing that I almost forgot to mention is that I was using Slic3r with Replicator G, are there any other good programs that could take the place of the latter in this case? Also no matter which program I print with the corners curl up, will a skirt and brim fix this? I print with ABS from Hatchbox. All answers will be greatly appreciated ! -Nik
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