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  1. I will try this. Right now what I am doing is attempting to just print a single one of these items, just to see how that turns out.
  2. I posted the other day asking for help and some people chimed in. Here is the previous thread I made. I made suggested changes, and started the new print. Here are the new settings as suggested by different people. I also set up a custom material setting on the ultimaker 2 with the following. Nozzle Temperature: 220c Bed Temperature: 45c Flow: 100% Everything else default But this morning I come into this . (mfw ) It seems that the entire print surface shifted, somewhere, something went horribly wrong. I made sure that the nozzle was clear, no blockages, I did the atomic pull like 10 times (ok, only 3 times, but still) and I stuck around for the first hour of the print job and there were no obvious issues. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I am trying to get acquainted with the Ultimaker to the point where I feel comfortable enough to print for the E-nable program. So far, i have tried printing little keychains, adjusting settings here and there, but everytime there is an issue. Before, the feeder would just chew away at the PLA, but I solved that by loosening the tension. Now, the material just bunches up on the nozzle and I end up with this horrible mess of melted PLA. I am using reccomended settings, there is no dust on on the filament, I have calibrated and recalibrated the machine, I just cannot get a good print going. What is my next step? Completely take apart all of the components? Factory reset? What can I do to get a good print?? Here are screenshots of my settings. http://imgur.com/a/9kzl3
  4. I am trying to print out multiple little keychains, but the buffer space between the objects is taking away from the maximum amount of items on the print bed. What setting should I look for? Also, the keychains change color halfway through. Is there a way that I could get all of the objects to print halfway, then pause so I can change the material?
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