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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the help there. I finally changed the board and got it back running. Thing is the board is from china. It seems to work fine but just one problem. Checked everything else. No material clogged in nozzle or feeder gear. All the connections look fine. Also there is a jumper on the new board which wasn't present in the original UM2 board. It is the 8/16 stepper jumper present in the middle of the board. The Feeder motor. 1. While changing the material, it travels only half the way both the times. I used the move material option to get it to travel further. 2. During print I found that it wasn't extruding enough material. So after changing the flow rate to 240% it is now extruding properly to print a calibration cube of 20 x 20 x 20 mm. It turned out okay with +0.2 mm on XY I think the problem is with the stepping of feeder motor. Looks like it is moving only half steps. Can anyone help me confirm this? Is there way to calibrate the feeder motor ? Thanks.
  2. The sensor, thermistor and the screen are working just fine. Even the feeder motor does not work when the 'Move Material' option is used. Also the motor appears to free. Same thing when using the 'Home Head' option. Head does not move at all and ends up showing "xyswitch broken error. Because this happened after changing the nozzle, I feel thermistor wire being torn while fitting in olssen block could have gradually short circuited and damage motor drivers on the motherbaord. All the XYZ and feeder motors are free all the time. Hence I think the only option would be changing the motherboard. Is the motherboard same for UM2 and UM2 extended ?
  3. I am using UM2 Extended. I tried connecting it with USB and pronterface. The printer restarts but does not conncect to Pronterface. Also resetting to factory did solve the issue. The printer tries to set up from beginning. Shen the screen shows up where it teaches you to calibrate buildplate, error with ' Z-switch Broken' shows up. The buildplate does not move at all.
  4. So after changing the nozzle and starting up the machine, the error showed up when 1. A file was selected for printing. The extruder head is supposed to go to home position, instead the error 'XY switch broken' shows up without any movement of the head. 2. While trying to use the move material option, the feeder motor failed to move and showing the same error 3. Using the Change Material option also did not work as the same error popped up Although the heater and sensor seemed to work normally. So I factory reset the printer In the third step after restarting machine where the screen guides to calibrate the buildplate, error ' z - switchbroken ' shows up. All the limit switches seem to work fine because the change in resistance was checked with a multimeter by clicking the switches manually. Please let me know what can be done next
  5. Hello guys, thanks for the response.. It does not show any errors regarding temperature sensors. It shows the same screen to begin new print. Also it stops randomly and the extruder does not return to the park position. Also, I do make sure to use 'Eject' before removing the SD card from computer Also there are no electricity cuts to stop the printing process. What else can be the reason ? Let me know if anyone has faced the same problem.
  6. Its been a while I have been use UM2 Extended....This is the problem I have been facing. The printer stops printing randomly. Most of the times I manage to get complete good quality prints but regardless of print job time, it just stops after printing a little bit. Both the heaters cool down and nozzle does not even go back to its park position. Please help me out figure a solution. Because of this i do not have any certainty that it will print successfully. Thank you.
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