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  1. Hi anxjfarnoth, what type of filaments are you using? You are talking about the tiny gap between the driving wheel and the place where the bowden sits? I thought that might be an issue only with flexible filaments. I used "tried" to print with PLA(proper UM filament), Ninjaflex, alloy 910 and nothing seemed to work, and yes that's what I'm talking about. the hole has already showed elongation and you can see a clear lip on the back side of it.
  2. I had the Ultimaker 2 with an Extrusion upgrade, and I sent my printer into UM here in the UK and they replaced the feeder and got good prints from it for about 6 hours and when I got it I got about 1 hour and it started doing the same thing before. (please contact Alex at the support desk he is very knowledgeable of the situation) we think its getting caught up at the exit point into the Bowden tube. I'm currently looking to design a new housing with a metal guide rather then a plastic guide. I glued my plastic half's together to prevent it from splitting like above, I didn't hear a massive clicking sound I cant put my finger on the sound I heard. the only cure to fix my underextrustion was to go back to the original UM2 feeder. I find it odd that I had two bad feeders and everyone else is having good ones........this was really hurting our business as well having a printer broken for 3 weeks. (I love UM printer but I want to join the club with the new working upgrade!)
  3. whats your flow set at? I know that maybe an issue. have you tried updating your firmware?
  4. yeah I was messing with mine and I had mine lose as well which helped but it always ended the same way........
  5. I did notice your feeder pressure is way to lose, its supposed to be right in the middle.
  6. sorry just excited that my machine is printing again after 3 weeks of being broken. I will post up pictures of what I have seen and I think is causing issues. I'm having a well deserved beer atm.
  7. I see what you are saying, I didn't have any issues with that part mine went together like a dream I just made sure it was lined up first.
  8. well everyone I can say I have fixed the problem! with a lot of trial and error the problem is the actual feeder! I am actually printing parts for the first time in 3 weeks because I put my old feeder system back on! they need to redesign the feeder system. I think I know what the fix is.
  9. its private lol what you trying to show on here???? HAHAHA I will post a drawing of what the fix might have to look like but will need an all new feeder unit. might as well put on your old system and start printing again! good luck
  10. well printing is better then not printing, I'm already in contact with support and they will be raising the issue to UM in the Netherlands. I think the fix is a metal sleeve that will slide into the Bowden tube and help guide the filament into the start of the Bowden tube rather then that plastic guide they used.
  11. yeah I put the old system back on and fixed my problem! after 3 weeks I'm tired of having a broken printer. UM will have to do a lot of refunds I think!
  12. I just fixed my under extrusion problem......after getting a replacement feeder from UM and not fixing it. I swapped back to the old system and strangely fixed it! so my printer is working after 3 weeks of being broken! so I think the feeder system needs fine tuning....... back to the drawing board UM.
  13. well everyone I can say I have fixed the problem! with a lot of trial and error the problem is the actual feeder! I am actually printing parts for the first time in 3 weeks because I put my old feeder system back on! I will be contacting UM for a full refund.
  14. well everyone I can say I have fixed the problem! with a lot of trial and error the problem is the actual feeder! I am actually printing parts for the first time in 3 weeks because I put my old feeder system back on! I will be contacting UM for a full refund.
  15. The last two pictures show what I'm talking about! The plastic is rubbing against it and I think that's what's causing the problem. Thanks for posting that up, I think this needs to be brought up to UM so they can send out a fix. Might need a metal bushing like on the bottom.
  16. can you post a picture of the feeder outlet? (remove the Bowden tube and filament) we have a theory that the filament is rubbing on the plastic guide just before the Bowden tube. mine is rounded out so curious to what yours looks like after 100 hrs. thanks!
  17. Check out my hardware problem section, I did the same thing and after 9 hours I got this as well. Its a pain and I even sent my machine back to UM and they changed the feeder (I changed every possible thing) it worked for them for 5 hours and sent it back to me and I got about an hour of printing before it started doing it again. we(myself and UM support) think this is a feeder issue, you are the second person I know to have this same problem. keep me posted of what you are doing. good luck! Matt
  18. Get a digital thermometer and touch it to it. My fluke meter has one. As for the PTFE that is very much a thing but mostly when you have printed at super hot temps for ABS or CPE for long periods. But they do wear out often so have a stock of them. My first one lasted me 800 hours......I was lucky haha
  19. He has a +....There is a lever on the feeder if you heat up the nozzle and lift up the lever you can pull the filament out very easily.
  20. if you have the older UM2 with the PTFE might check that it isn't worn out. they need to be changed every 300-500 hours. i know i blew past my 500 mark very fast and started having trouble printing anything.
  21. yeah ABS is a tricky one, I make a glue slurry and that works most of the time and using a raft. so smear some glue down on the glass good and thick then take a wet cloth and run it over the top to make it wet and a very thin layer of glue/water mix. then set the bed temp to 60 and let it dry on the glass and that works for me about 10 prints. other people talk about making a acetone/ABS slurry and i hear it works wonders but I have never done it. I always try to keep things simple.
  22. i have a small ritual with mine when i get ready to start printing. i heat the bed and then i just move material while its heating and i just make sure that i have a good flow come out and there isn't any blockages. this way i can see if there is a problem ahead of time.
  23. how many people are having feeder problems with the upgrade? I upgraded my perfectly good machine and now have a very expensive paperweight and not even UM support can figure it out. I got about 9 hours of printing from my upgrade before I got under extrusion. sent it all back to UM and they replaced the feeder and got about 6 hours of printing sent it to me I got about 1 hour and the same thing. I'm thinking of throwing my old stuff back on and shipping back the mess that was sold. (when it did print the prints were lovely! just wish it could print longer then 6-10 hours) (I am not an amateur at this so if you mention it I have done it) UM makes a great printer I hope they figure something out as I'm 3 weeks soon to be 4 weeks behind schedule.
  24. That can do it, let me know how you get on with your printing, I'm having issues with mine and its under extruding after 9 hours of installation.....(not high jacking your forum). have a look at my problem and let me know what yours does.
  25. I'm in the middle of having issues with my upgrade, (underextrusion)...... make sure the gears are lined up in the feeder and that the feeder is flush top and bottom. did you place a little grease on the gears?
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