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  1. Unfortunately i have the same problem until now. I tried everything. Printer stops when the build plate heated.
  2. I lowered the power levels again and it seems to be working fine. the only thing that worries me is that the led lights flicker during printing (in previous articles I saw that a problem with the power brick has been reported) I use the version you mentioned to me. What should be the normal power levels? I think nevertheless the purchase of a new power supply will be a more complete solution. Thank you for your informations!
  3. I have set them at the level you mentioned to me. i will try again today, because i didn't remember if i had reduced or if i had turned off the temperature of the bed.
  4. I installed tinkerMarlin and adjusted the power but unfortunately it did not work. I saw in previous reports with some who had the same problem it is recommended to disconnect the power supply for at least 12 hours. I will try it but for sure I will also buy a new power supply. I hope to be this is the only problem.
  5. Hello I turned off the print bed and seems to work without problem! Do you think GS220A24-R7B is better choise? How can I set bed to 150W and nozzle to 25W? Thank you for you help!!
  6. Hello I own a printer Ultimaker 2+ I have been having a serious problem with the printer for the last week. While I'm trying to print a file the printer turns off on its own after a few minutes and returns almost immediately. Τhe nozzle and built plate stay where printing stopped. I tried to update the firmware without any result. (my version is 2.6.2) I also did a factory reset and tried to use older version of cura.
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