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  1. I am having trouble with my extruder tension I don't know if its to tight or too loose, but I suspect it is too loose because it's not pushing out the extruder and backing up at the extruder gear (see pic). Anyone have a link for how to tension it correctly? i.e. a better one than the Assembly guide stating a specific length on the adjustment screw.
  2. Thanks to everyone. I think it was the pressure on the extruder spring
  3. I think we have identified that its a problem with the extruder gear. The filament has ground again. I don't think I can actually back off the screw any further. I just started a print and the big gear started slipping! It is currently at 14mm. I think it should be at 11.
  4. Thanks for the pointers everyone. I have backed off the pressure on the extruder and changed the orientation of the print but it failed after 5 hours again. Here is the print. Also there are these marks on the filament after it has blocked. Shall I back off the extruder pressure more?
  5. That didn't work. The corners curled up and it still jammed after 6 hours. Here's a pic of the print
  6. OK. I will try reducing the temperature on the UMO. I had put the temp up to 220 to try and stop under extrusion.
  7. Hey dudes and dudettes. Every day I get a blocked nozzle. I have even fitted a brand new nozzle but the same thing happens. These are prints I need for work so it's incredibly frustrating. I have attached a picture of the prints. The Cura settings are a follows, I'm using standard PLA: Layer H: 0.15 mm Shell T: 1.2 mm Bottom/ Top: 1.2 mm Print Speed: 60 mm/s Temp: 220c Bed Temp: 70c
  8. I made this guide for myself. I'm not sure if my units are correct, but if they are would you be so kind as to put it somewhere where other people who might need it can go. Thanks.
  9. Is this the same for a UMO?
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