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  1. you are using far too high a bed temperature

    Taulman recommends a bed temp. of only 45degC for Alloy 910


    I see you are right about that, but the strange thing is that the new filament we are using from hestay requires a bedtemperature between 90 and 110 degrees Celsius. But can the bed temperature have something to do with the burn spots higher in the product?
  2. Hi guys,

    This is my first post on this forum and it's about some problems I stumbled across during a project for school.

    We need to 3D-print a prothese socket with a nylon filament. 5a331aab756a3_Schermafdruk2016-04-0709_38_48.thumb.png.afe21a8717644216fca941625ea48925.png (cad model 2,5mm thickness)

    We have tried to print it with the ultimaker 2 extended and various settings without succeeding.

    The first print failed because the brim warped.

    The second print failed because it used too much filament( we changed the cad model because it was bigger than expected). If we had enough filament it might succeeded.

    The third print we used the same settings as the second print but a different filament(hestay). After a night of printing the brim let loose.

    The fourth print burned so bad that we had to stop the printer.

    All prints had in common that they had burn spots and that the brim let loose or warped.

    Does anyone know how we can fix these troubleshootings?


    Print 1:IMG_20160406_094553.thumb.jpg.1f32972cdc4562936e44f4fdf222c1f3.jpg

    Taulman 910 2.85mm Alloy filament 245°C Extrusion Temperature 86°C Bed temperature

    Support everywhere: 20° angle fill amount:+- 40% Brim

    Print 2:IMG_20160404_094813.thumb.jpg.47a8ae757f78f72bc83bb54a76e51954.jpg

    Taulman 910 2.85mm Alloy filament Alloy filament 245°C Extrusion Temperature 70°C Bed temperature

    Support everywhere: 20° angle fill amount:+- 40% Brim + glue on platform

    Print 3:IMG_20160404_092850.thumb.jpg.5e33bab9ae43e7962decfeb2dde4223d.jpg

    Nylon filament transparant from Hestay

    Same settings as print 2 but different filament and less fill amount of the support + glue on platform

    Print 4:IMG_20160406_094553.thumb.jpg.7634330b30354131b3c668a4671b1eea.jpg

    Nylon filament transparant from Hestay

    Same settings print 3 but a higher bedtemperature(100°C ) + glue on platform +covering front of the 3D printer






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