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  1. I'm trying to make a phone case for my iphone 6 recently The dimension is not hard to find as apple have released a guide for doing that, but how many spaces between the cases and the phone you would leave? 0.3mm? 0.5mm? and what is your frame thickness? 1mm? 1.5mm? or 0.5mm? What materials would you suggest? ABS? Nylon? or even others? Thanks!!
  2. PLA with Ultimaker 2+ Is the travel speed equal to printing speed? The nozzle temperature is 210
  3. Retraction speed: 35mm/s Retraction length: 4.5mm Buildplate temp: 70 Layer height: 0.1 Shell thickness: 0.8 Nozzle size: 0.4 Printing speed: 50mm/s Actually I have tried to slow down the printing speed to try to fix the problem, but it didnt do any improvement :( Do you guys have any suggestion? Thanks
  4. Im using ultimaker 2+ to print this model by using ABS The surface seems to rough, I wonder if this is normal or not The setting is using the original one in the printer for the ABS material
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