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  1. Thanks for the info. I've been reading around and printing small test blocks for the last couple of days. So many variables to frustrate ! I'm using Cura, and to be honest I find the interface and presentation of variables poorly defined and very clumsy indeed.
  2. Does anybody have any tips on printing with Colorfabb NGEN Clear? I can not get it anywhere near transparent. My prints are always of a totally opaque frosted appearance.
  3. For others - Ha ha This was a test piece. Whatever you do, do not make a saucepan handle out of PLA. It won't even last 5 mins. On the upside, it's easy to scrape off your cooker top when it solidifies again. 😂😂
  4. Once the wires were swapped, it ran perfectly well. I printed a new handle for an old saucepan overnight without problem. Thanks everyone for their assistance. I'll check out the firmware update in the near future. I'm just happy to be up and running at the moment.
  5. Since I swapped the wires as you suggested, it seems to be printing ok...... so far ha ha
  6. Hooray !! Thanks for all your help...My printer seems to be up and running again. 😁 I'm still concerned that I don't understand the root cause of the failure. Are you suggesting that I should update the firmware? Is that easy to do?
  7. Wires on a coil? Now I'm confused. I thought you said I need to swap 2 wires on the connector....but you can't say which 2 wires?
  8. This is the connector E1. The pins are not numbered. Which wires should I swap over?
  9. That's right...both fans 'appear' open circuit. At least that means they are not shorted. I staged the powering up adding the bed heater then the nozzle heater and monitored the temperature of U6. All seemed well with no problems. I ran through the setting up routine until I discovered that the filament feed seems to be reversed! Instead of forwarding the material, it reverses it out of the feeder! How has that happened and how do I fix it?
  10. Thank you, I have stripped everything and searched for indications. I have found no signs anywhere, but it occurred to me that there could have been some condensation at the time of failure. I have an IR thermometer. I will do a multi-staged power up. Wish me luck...😨
  11. Would I be right in assuming that if the PSU was the root cause then there would be failure in the 24v components also? If the failure is limited to the 5Vdc then the root cause must have been in the Ultimaker machine? Playing Sherlock Holmes here, ha ha. I'm searching the machine for another root cause failure before I power anything up.
  12. Thanks! Now I'm getting it. It seems I should spend time looking for an overload demand or short on the 5Vdc as a root cause.
  13. Can you tell me what the failed component (burnt chip) is? Is it the 5Vdc supply?
  14. Thanks! I have downloaded the manual now. I have installed the new PCB and double checked all connectors. I have studied the 'old failed' PCB and found the fault I believe: I live on a Greek island and getting hold of the replacement PCB has not been easy or cheap. I have not powered it up yet in case the 'root cause' still remains. I don't want to blow the new PCB. Can you give me some confidence?
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