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  1. MUCH OBLIGED. I've asked my compatriot for the file, as soon as it comes in I'll post it.
  2. Hi KS, I'm pretty sure I can get the SW files by this evening (maybe sooner). Thanks so much for your time. P
  3. Hi All, The owner cleared an example of the problem .stl for posting, so here it is. Thanks to yellowshark & everyone else for the feedback so far. Any suggestions as to why the prints of this file are missing surfaces would be much appreciated. cap as one piece_rev A-2018-Mar-16.STL
  4. Hi kmanstudios, Thanks for the feedback. A couple of people on the SW also asked. Let me ask the owner about posting the file.
  5. Hi mastory, Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm attaching a screen shot and a photo. The screenshot shows the model as it appears upon importing the stl into Cura. The photo is the actual print. Surfaces seem to be missing; only the fill is present. I'm afraid I don't anything about SW. I have published the dilemma to a SolidWorks forum, but so far haven't solved the problem. I think my collaborator may be creating the problem prints as inner and outer surfaces, which is subsequently combined, but I don't quote me on that. As said, some prints come out fine.
  6. Hello Ultimaker Forum, I am trying to print models designed by a collaborator who is working with SolidWorks. The model has multiple parts. The parts have been exported from SolidWorks as .stl files and sent to me as email attachments. I am using Cura v. 15.04 create gcodes from the .stl files. The imported .stl files appear to be fine when viewed in Cura, but when I print, approximately 1/2 of the parts are missing surfaces. Has anyone had this experience, and if so, is there a work-around? Many thanks in advance
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