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  1. MUCH OBLIGED. I've asked my compatriot for the file, as soon as it comes in I'll post it.
  2. Hi KS, I'm pretty sure I can get the SW files by this evening (maybe sooner). Thanks so much for your time. P
  3. Hi All, The owner cleared an example of the problem .stl for posting, so here it is. Thanks to yellowshark & everyone else for the feedback so far. Any suggestions as to why the prints of this file are missing surfaces would be much appreciated. cap as one piece_rev A-2018-Mar-16.STL
  4. Hi kmanstudios, Thanks for the feedback. A couple of people on the SW also asked. Let me ask the owner about posting the file.
  5. Hi mastory, Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm attaching a screen shot and a photo. The screenshot shows the model as it appears upon importing the stl into Cura. The photo is the actual print. Surfaces seem to be missing; only the fill is present. I'm afraid I don't anything about SW. I have published the dilemma to a SolidWorks forum, but so far haven't solved the problem. I think my collaborator may be creating the problem prints as inner and outer surfaces, which is subsequently combined, but I don't quote me on that. As said, some prints come out fine.
  6. Hello Ultimaker Forum, I am trying to print models designed by a collaborator who is working with SolidWorks. The model has multiple parts. The parts have been exported from SolidWorks as .stl files and sent to me as email attachments. I am using Cura v. 15.04 create gcodes from the .stl files. The imported .stl files appear to be fine when viewed in Cura, but when I print, approximately 1/2 of the parts are missing surfaces. Has anyone had this experience, and if so, is there a work-around? Many thanks in advance
  7. Hello Community, Is it possible to write gcode within Cura? I ran across an article by Paul O'doud that has a program (http://www.paulodowd.com/2015/11/textured-3d-printing-how-to-explore-it.html) for creating a cylinder via a spiral tool path. Wondering how I might import the program into Cura, or copy and paste the program into Cura. Many thanks, polyploid
  8. That is SO cool! Going to try your settings and will get back. Yes, I am using a delta. What kind of extruder are you using? Many MANY thanks, polyploid
  9. Hi peggyb, Thanks for the tip. I don't know how to use the M302 command. I did find that I could only get the printer to work when the hot end was at operating temperature. So... I am still running wire from the hot end's thermistor, fan, and J-head to the printer controller. The PLA filament (1.75 mm) that was originally fed into the J-head is now driving the piston of a 10 cc syringe (= extruder). Is the M302 command an instruction entered in firmware? Thanks
  10. Hi ultiarjan, Sorry if this is a repeat- I'm not sure if the a note from yesterday posted. Here is a link to a vid. I'm extruding a gel through a 10cc syringe. I would like to increase the layer height. Using Cura 15.04. vid: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3fQfi6IbN0ZMUh6bUwyTm9hQVU/view?usp=sharing extruder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3fQfi6IbN0ZazMzLVJ5MGl5bGM/view?usp=sharing Thanks, polyploid
  11. Hello ultiarjan, Thanks for getting back. How? Trying to print layers >1mm; when I enter Layer height values greater than .25 mm the print aborts. Maybe I am missing something? Regards, polyploid
  12. I'm fairly new to 3D printing. Trying to print a gel or paste. Is it possible to use Cura to control Layer height (mm) independent of Filament Diameter, Flow (%), Nozzle size (mm), etc. ? Many thanks polyploid
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