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  1. Hi Sander, both Ultimaker 2's are regular models without updates or mods. They were purchased at about the same time, but I cannot tell if they are from the same 'batch'. I'll skip the pictures because I reckon they will not really help show the difference in fan speeds..
  2. Dear community, I'm working with two almost identical Ultimaker 2's at a local Fablab. I've run into problems several times with one of the two. The printed model on one printer is slightly sagging compared to the other printer. I have discovered that the two 'side fans' left and right of the extruder on one model generate much less airflow than the other model. I've excluded the firmware by updating both models with the latest firmware (no issues) with the latest Cura version (15.04.4). When I set both Ultimaker 2's on 100% fan speed in Maintenance I discover two issues: 1. The airflow on the 'faulty model' is much lower for both fans compared to the other model. 2. The fans on the 'faulty model' start and stop immediately when I raise from 0% and only start running again at 100% (but with much less airflow) The fans on the 'faulty mode' have Deep Cool fans (but except for the sticker identical to the Ultimaker fans) and the other model has Ultimaker fans. Who can tell me what the issue is here and possibly how to fix it? Auke
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