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  1. thank you for the replies. I didn't know I would need to change out a bunch of parts! Since I'm lazy, I'll just stick with the 3mm!
  2. Hey all I've been using 3mm filament with my Unimaker2. I see lots of people like using the 1.75mm instead. How much of a difference is there? Should I consider switching over with my next purchase? Should I be using the 1.75 with the .4 nozzle? Since the filament is being melted as it goes into the nozzle, I don't see how it should matter all that much... thanx all for your feedback!
  3. I was looking at the Taz 5 before I bought my Ultimaker2. It has a larger build area, which might be as large as you need. I ultimately went with the Ultimaker2 because the build quality was much better, even though I gave up a little build volume and duel extruders. Hopefully you guys will get around to making an official duel extruder for this machine!
  4. I had a tight reel problem yesterday. I just put a small amount of olive oil on the post, and it works fine now! I also loosen the filament on the reel before I start printing, just to be sure. No problems so far.
  5. do you have a preferred CAD that you would suggest besides sketchup?
  6. well, working perfectly now. If it goes out again, I'll take it apart and re-solder everything.
  7. ok, after much unnecessary disassembling, I found out how to get to the motherboard... 2 screws under the build plate... wish I knew that before hand! Anyways, I checked everything, and nothing seemed to be loose. I put everything back together, did a factory reset, and started over from scratch. Build plate seems to be heating properly now, so I'll try printing something. Thanks for the help
  8. ok, all connections are secure on the plate. So this means there is probably a loose connection at the motherboard. Now I just need to find it and check it.
  9. ok, thanxs for the info. I'll break it down a bit later and see if that is the problem.
  10. For some reason, my heater plate isn't heating at all. Which is making it impossible to print anything. Nothing will stick properly. I've checked all the connections I can get to. I have an Ultimaker2. Any suggestions?
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