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  1. emna

    Auger Printing

    Hi everybody. I am trying to build an auger prototype using ultimaker 2 3D printer. the rsult is really aweful. It does not look like an auger. It is impossible to build the helix. What should I fix? Thanx for helping
  2. emna

    the printed body is not fixed

    i am printing with PLA the bed tempreture is 90 I have leveled it and I did not fix the thikness of the first layer. how can I do it?
  3. after printing some layers. the printed body starts moving. it is not fixed to the plate. Inpite of using the glue.
  4. emna

    problème d'extrusion

    there was a piece of filament inside the feeder. so I opened the feeder and cleaned it.
  5. emna

    problème d'extrusion

    Okay now it works, but after printing some layers. the printed body starts moving. it is not fixed to the plate. Inpite of using the glue. taht is my new problem
  6. emna

    problème d'extrusion

    I have loosen it. but the filament do not pass through the feeder. it seems like it is blocked.
  7. emna

    problème d'extrusion

    I cleaned the feeder. but it was too tight so the filament could not pass through it.
  8. emna

    problème d'extrusion

    Good Morning the filament is stuck in the feeder. the feeder makes a "tik tik " sound every timz I try to insert a material.
  9. emna

    problème d'extrusion

    thank you so much for your response. Actually I think that the material is not reaching the nozzle becase of the feeder. how can I make the movement smoother?
  10. emna

    problème d'extrusion

    the movement is smooth and there is no skipping back. I can see it (the filament) arriving to the printing head. but there is no material in the nozzle!! I am wondering if it is related to the tempreture?
  11. Bonjour Je m'appelle Emna, j'utilise l'imprimante Ultimaker 2 pour la première fois. une collègue a utilisé la machine avant et elle a cru que la buse est bouchée. j'ai essayé la "atomic method" et ça était bien extrudé. mais lorsque j'essai de faire un essai d'impression. il y'a absolument rien. j'ai réinitialisé l'imprimante et lorsque j'arrive a l'étape de la mise en place de filament, et surtout lorsque j'attends que le matériau apparaît dans la buse. rien n’apparaît. Qu'est ce que je peux faire?

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