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  1. Has anyone done this with Cura 2? I have a large print which ran out of filament overnight. I've worked out I want to restart on layer 510. Here's the start of the original file ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode;TIME:300436;MATERIAL:909681;MATERIAL2:0;NOZZLE_DIAMETER:0.6;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.1.3;LAYER_COUNT:999;LAYER:0M107G10G0 F9000.000000 X5.962 Y40.132 Z0.400G0 X6.110 Y40.115;TYPE:SKIRTG11G1 F1800.000 X6.515 Y40.087 E0.09256G1 X6.550 Y40.085 E0.10055G1 X7.189 Y40.077 E0.24626 I tried editing that like so ( changing the starting Z to be 20 mm above the print ) but it looked as though it was about to crash before I switched off the power! ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode;TIME:300436;MATERIAL:909681;MATERIAL2:0;NOZZLE_DIAMETER:0.6;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.1.3;LAYER_COUNT:999;LAYER:0G0 F9000.000000 X5.962 Y40.132 Z132.600G11 ;unretractM107 ;fan off ( switch it on at layer 511 )G92 E3167.82512 ;very important step - this is the last extruder position on layer 509;from here nothing is changed;LAYER:510G10G0 X202.930 Y114.190 Z112.600G0 X202.439 Y114.120G0 X202.414 Y114.090 Any suggestions?
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