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  1. I read somewhere that cura is the cause. do i need to take another version?
  2. Hi, lately i have a grinding sound on the Y-axis. It stops making that sound after 30 minutes. I have read alot of aligning the Y-axis rod, but for the ultimaker 2 there arent alot of topics on it. The only change is that lately i print on 0.2 mm layer height. I tried to tighten de pullies, but it keeps coming back. Anyone have a clue?
  3. Got it, forgot to repair the slice, tnx for thinking
  4. Cant find the post, But i am now in a state that i am trying everything. Atleast we can exclude the machine software if it still doesnt work
  5. Cat find the post, But i am noe in a state that i am tryong everything. Atleast we can excluse the machine software if it still doesnt work
  6. Everything is tight, i am now downgrading the firmware to 14.09 read something in a different post. Thank you in advance
  7. The motor pullies i didnt check..
  8. Hi I just bought a UM2 and when a print a bigger design it always shifts 2 cms up at the same position. I checked screws Checked pully short belts I upgraded firmware Tried different speeds It's brand new.. Wayne
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