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  1. I went into my Cura 4.5.0 with custom settings that I made a while ago, and it asks me to set up Cura, and runs through questions like it's the first time I ever opened this Cura version. (It's NOT!) Now, I don't have any of my settings from previous and it sais a BUNCH of configuration settings have errors?!?! (see image) It's like it lost all my settings but I have no idea how or why. I had my configurations for my printers setup a certain way but never wrote down all the settings. (Why would I need to, right?) No, I did not install ANY additional software. No, I did not m
  2. If you haven't found a solution yet, you may want to ask your customer to look more closely at their "export" options while in .iges format. My software (Keycreator) has an option to toggle weather the output iges file is in solids (water tight) or surfaces/sheet bodies. Maybe they have it set to sheet bodies by default and don't realize it?
  3. Alien itself (and all parts) is PLA.
  4. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4380152 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4255707 Kind of a cross between these two. It's been a while since I did the CAD work I'm not sure the details. lol I will update the responses when/if I get the courage to wear it.
  5. Finally got my Covid Mask done! Thought I would share it. Not my design of course. I cobbled together a few other files to create this one. (I'm sure you've all seen these Alien masks around?) Took a long time and a lot of assembly. But fun!! Now to just get the courage up to wear it in public. LOL
  6. They still "feel" strong. 🙃 I haven't had the opportunity to try them out yet though. Got the head parts printed and then found the fan problem and tore the machine apart. (apparently for no reason since it appears it was just a firmware issue all along) Once I get the machine back together and the heads switched out it will be fun trying the new setup. For now, work got busy (which is a good thing since it was pretty slow for the last couple weeks) so the printer is on the back burner. And yes, Thank you Tinkergnome!! 😄
  7. I did buy all new magnets from the source you gave me. Apex Magnets. Although they list those magnets as N48 and not N52.
  8. danielkrice I too have had a difficult time because of the extended version being taller and therefore the bowden tube being "stiffer" and forcing the clamping fixture apart when the head gets too close to back right corner of the machine. (not even THAT close to the back right corner lately, since the magnets have lost some of there force) I do have an alternative design similar to this one, however it is simply just the original design with more magnets added to it. I couldn't see exactly how @whom was doing his design, so I just came up with my own. I have prin
  9. That did it!! Fans seem to work as they should now. Cant say "Thank you!!" enough. Gonna retry soluble support printing again and see if that makes any difference.
  10. Not remembering correctly. Guess I need to move my, now partly disassembled, printer over to my computer in order to plug it in to it to update firmware. (where there is obviously no room to put the printer) Time to clean the desk..... lol
  11. OK. Got it. I downloaded the whole thing, extracted it, and then copied the firmware file to my SD card. Or are you saying I need more than just the firmware file on the card for it to work properly?
  12. OK thanks! I will download "Tinker-Mark2-extended-expansion-board-19.03.1.hex" and install it just to be sure that is the one that is in the machine. How exactly do I do that again? I don't see a way it will let me "copy" or download" that particular file from Github. (I don't remember how I did it before. It's been too long. And looking online it simply sais to click on "Raw" and then right click and "save as" but I do not get this option when I do that. Only to "save page as" and that obviously isn't what I want.)
  13. Yes. I have the expansion board and the firmware is Tinker_Mark2_19.03.1
  14. I have just noticed that my hot end fan on my second extruder does not turn on when heating up that nozzle. However, my primary hot end fan DOES turn on when only heating the second nozzle OR heating the primary nozzle. I have many hours of dual nozzle printing done at this point, but can not definitively tell you if this has always been the case. (I strongly do NOT believe it to be the case.) Any ideas as to why this would be going on? I have torn down the unit to see if wires were loose either on the fan or the board and it seems everything is nice and tight.
  15. That's awesome! What are they doing for the shields part of it? Just curious.
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