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  1. Hey there guys. Sorry for the delay. Here are some up close images of the components in question. I don't see anything to the extent of some of the pictures I have seen online. What do you think?
  2. I just typed up a huge post about this, but I got some 503 error and all of my well written post just disappeared ;_; So I am just going to summarize real fast ;_; My print head jams every time. I need to cut the material before each print for it to feed into the head. Prints are now all inconsistent. Using only PLA, a weird blob forms after each print that jams the head. I cannot use the "CHANGE" function to eject without cutting the blob off first. Can anyone spot any obvious issues with these images? Could this just be a problem caused by moisture in the filament? Is my PTFE coupler faili
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