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  1. I have not had any success getting cura 3.2.1 with my z5fm2 which has the mixed extruder as well. I have however had it work with repetier 2.05. I have only printed 1 dual color part, but what I did was slice it as a normal part. Then edit the G-code and add percents of each filament I wanted used at each level. I did not use a purge wall at all as I am terribly frugal... =) Hence the $200 dollar printer I had to wait a month for... I just pasted this code at the layers I wanted to adjust M163 S0 P80 M163 S1 P20 The 80 and 20 are the percents of each extruder. As you edit the G-code the layers are listed, so if you wanted to be scientific you could find the layers using the main view tools, then just paste your choices in after slicing. I was just making a cube different colors, but here is how it turned out. I would love to try to get it working in Cura, so if you let me know what wizardry you used, I will give that a shot as well. Repetier does work, but I like being able to teach just one bit of software to the students I work with.
  2. Thanks! Not sure I have the skillz, but will at least take a look and see just in case. Nice that someone has the leg work started.
  3. Thanks for the input. I am not sure my skill set includes creating a machine definition file, but if it does I will submit it. I have heard good things about 2.1, so hopefully printrbot gets onboard. =) Thanks again.
  4. Downloaded the 2.1 beta, but was bummed to not be able to select printrbot as a printer. Are there genetic settings that can be used? Is there any word if printrbot is going to try to be an option. I read one post where a company just had to submit some .json info to be included in the 2.2 beta... Thanks. Mike
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