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  1. Hi all: Has anyone noticed any uneven cooling with the Ultimaker 2+ stock fan setup? Is the stock UM2+ fan vents (horizontal oriented with metal shroud) an improvement over the UM2? Should I try and print a mod fan shroud even for the UM2+? I'm not too concerned with overhangs; but I would like to have even surface on all side of printed objects. I generally print slow with very small layer heights. Thanks for any observations!
  2. Do you have an example that I could see? I'm looking into getting a smaller nozzle, but it seems that these types of nozzles get more and more expensive the smaller you go. Where did you get your 0.15mm nozzle?
  3. Hi, The title says it all. I am thinking about getting a smaller nozzle to improve the detail resolution I can achieve with the printer. I'm quite experienced with the 0.4mm nozzle, and have dabbled with the 0.25mm that came with the Olsson block kit. But, I want smaller feature details. See the example of my print with 0.4mm nozzle in picture below (60 micron layer height). I'd like to really get those feathers to pop a bit more (in the X/Y axis). I've managed to get it down the right size. Has anyone had experience with the 0.15mm or smaller nozzle (e.g., Solex3D)? How hard is it to use? Is it durable with PLA/ABS? Thanks!
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