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  1. @ ahoeben sorry for the delay reply. below link has text of stderr.log file http://pastebin.com/jeY9jdP8
  2. @ahoeben below are the links of json files in pastebin. http://pastebin.com/PgctkEEb -- creatbot 3D printer json file http://pastebin.com/6wYC3Wpr -- json file for 1st extruder http://pastebin.com/uVaKZiY4 -- json file for 2nd extruder
  3. Hi Thanks for your tutorial @coolbye. Followed all the instruction but i have an issue in it. Created custom printer json for creatbot dual extruder 3d printer from ultimaker_original_dual.def. Every thing was fine printer is listed in cura But when open cura it is not getting selecting in printer slot and also it is not showing any files when imported to cura 2.3.1. couldn't get what went wrong in creating json file.
  4. Thanks for the reply @ultiarjan Tried under extrusion tricks many times but still this issue is getting repeated.
  5. I have ultimaker 2 + and very happy with the print quality. Do generally use PLA filament of ultimaker. But since 3 months using PLA third party filament and now it is creating issue. Cracks in PLA printed parts. suggest me solution for this issue.
  6. Any update on this, quite interested in such type of support structure. But don't know how to implement in slicer software's.
  7. What I would do. I would disassemble the hot end. You can use this link to follow the steps : https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/22188-how-to-replace-the-tfm-coupler You need to clean the leaked PLA in the fan shroud. In fact you need to clean all the leaked PLA on your hot end. Make sure you assemble your printer correctly, this is quite important to have successful prints in the future again. And change your nozzle with a new one. (heat up your nozzle to a least 200C before changing it) When you don't have a spare nozzle available, you can try the atomic pull (check this link : https://
  8. Yes the printer is new one Ultimaker 2 extended + 3D printer. It printed about 15 parts and then this molten metal leakage problem occurred. i did not change nozzle till now.
  9. I took this UM2E+ printer two weeks ago and not done any handson job till now.
  10. I have a ultimaker 2 extended +, very happy with its performance, quality of print. But facing an issue since two days. Molten plastic is leaking out from nozzle assembly. searched lot for solution, but couldn't find. Help me to get rid of this problem.
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