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  1. I tought it was too. but the problem is that the filament isnt coming out properly from the nozzle. I did the Atomic Method several times and got a clean and coned shape every time, but when i tried to print it still looked like it was blocked or the filament just acumulated on the tip of the nozzle and sometimes the feeder ticking and not coming out any filament at all After sometime i was able to print one small print, that came out with a little bit of under extrusion but it was ok, afterwards i tried to print another object and the problem just cameback... Since i bought my UM2GO i printed like 10 objects and only had problems, not happy at all...
  2. For the love of God, i need help. :angry: Im a beginner but for a while now im regularly printing objects. Out of nowhere, when i was printing an object that I've already printed before my printer got crazy and the material wasn't sticking to the bed plate AT ALL, not even the first layer, the material just made a huge ball of nothing on the outside of the nozzle. Since then i made factory reset, changed the material and releveled the bed plate several times but nothing worked, below are some photos and a video of me trying to print the double hearts voroni that already comes with the printer. Video of The Problem Please help me, i don't know what to do, and i was about to print somethings to give to some people as a gift. :(
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