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  1. Hey guys, thanks for your replies. I will try your proposals and will give feedback. Certainly not before KW 20, after my vacation. :-) @neotko I used ABS some prints before. But this part was the third or fourth print with the xt. Cheers Thomas
  2. Hi Community, since two months we have an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ in our company. I'm repsonsible for this and so i'm making trial and error with different materials and print settings. The results with ABS and PLA are good. Now we have bought some of the colorfabb xt filament and i can't find well print settings up to now. I have uploaded some pictures from the last failed print. Do you have an idea what happens to the print and what i can change? My print settings are in the last two pictures. Nozzle temperature 255 °C and bed temperature was 70°C. I know, the 255°C are very high. But i
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