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  1. Is it just me or does it look like the UM3 has addressed the zebra stripes issue?
  2. By any chance have you tried the mod/hack yet @lancelet? Also, very nice looking print. What was the print speed?
  3. I'm really sorry about that. Do you think it best that i start another thread? I think my bed springs are tight already. When i first calibrated the bed, i made sure to thoroughly tighten them and apart from re-leveling the bed a few times before i got the height just right at the beginning (with each time making sure that i had to tighten the springs if i needed to change the level rather than loosen then), I've not needed to re-level the bed since. I have tried this before but not with this model. I can do that though, no problem. I'm not so sure if i noticed any significant chan
  4. Has anyone ever experienced this before and know how to fix it please?
  5. Very interesting developement. I modified the tower to double the perimeter length (by increasing the x and y dimensions 41.4%) which should roughly double the print time per layer and used all the same slicer settings as before and the layer banding doubled on that print in frequency. Take a look.... I'm thinking this is caused by inconsistent extrusion rates now caused by some sort of inconsistent feed per revolution of the either the knurled feeder gear, extruder gears or extruder motor itself (or if i should be so lucky, all the above, lol). Thank you @neotko for suggesting bangba
  6. It's printing right now, but i totally forgot, i made two prints from the um2+ remember. One at 40mm/s and the other at 20mm/s and in both examples the banding frequency was the same. Also, just checked on print and looks like no change to banding pattern and frequency. :( I'll do the print with double print area to test if it might be something with the extruder gear, but i noticed the other day that there is 1mm of momentary play when changing filament travel direction. But thanks for the suggestion of possible cause.
  7. Just started the same gcode now with bed temp manually set to 0*C.
  8. hmm. Interesting theory @neotko. So if it's caused by bangbang mode, then the frequency of the banding lines should match the frequency of the oscillations from bangbang mode, right? I can test this theory by simply printing without bed temp, right?
  9. Oh right. Thanks @gr5. So you're saying if a repeating layer banding problem were to be caused by the z screw, it should be at least 3 times the distance between each of the banding lines seen on my prints? Any ideas what might be causing it then? Or is this typical of um2+ prints for whatever reasons? Thanks again!
  10. So with the zebra stripes related post out out of the way, here are my results from my test designed to observe how print temperature and print speed might affect the visibility of layer lines/banding on all my um2+ prints. The test object consisted of a 75mm tall, 30x15mm rectangular tower. On both printers, printed with only 1 bottom layer, two perimeter wall and hollow for the m200 and only a few percentage grid infill for the um2+ prints (as i printed the um2+ prints first only after to remember that the lowest infill setting available for the m200 is equivalent to something like 30% for
  11. Hi everyone, I was going to post this into a new thread (as i know that I have hijacked this thread long enough...sorry about that) but i've decided to posted it here as a portion of it actually relates to this threads topic at hand. If you would prefer that i remove it though and post it someone else, please let me know. So, I performed a really simply print test yesturday to see what the affects of print temperature and print speed have on the visibility of layer lines/layer banding on practically all of my um2+ prints. I also printed one on the m200 so that i had something to compare aga
  12. ah ok, thank you Torgeir. Can i try your version of the gcode you used to print the file on your um2 please?
  13. @cloakfiend Thanks for that. Regarding... But that's just the thing. On the m200, i've not experienced these lines on any of the prints whether small or large, complex geometry or simple geometry and with all their filaments (except for pc-abs that i haven't tried).
  14. After i've ran your gcode though (if you don't mind sharing it with me please), what do you think i should do to try to fix the problem then? Do you think it's the z axis as well or something else? Thank you again. People weren't kidding when they said ultimaker has the most amazing and helpful spirit within the ultimaker community. I have to say, as promising as your pictures are Torgeir, i still have this hint of skepticism that the printer can really print as well as you've shown there despite showing clear evidence that i can. That print just looks too good to be true LOL. But trust me..
  15. Btw, how these prints are oriented in this photo is not how they were printed. The bottom of each print is the right vertical face on each in this photo.
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