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  1. I believe that what you should think about is the overall quality and support for when something goes wrong. Like someone in this feed said, ZorTrax has a lack of spare parts and you may only use the filament from them or your warranty will void. I think the um2 would be a great choice if you are looking for a printer with awesome print quality and customer support.
  2. I found the marlin firmware at github (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin0 for buildinga um2 but i would like to know how to use it and which file to go to. If anyone can guide me through or give me tips that would be awesome ;D.
  3. Could it be your bed leveling? Try re levelling your bed first.
  4. Found my rods frame material and bearings, Now i'm just trying to figure out firmware for um2. Has anyone built their own Um2 that can help guide me through the use of the marlin firmware from github please and thank you.
  5. Someone please upload a 3d model of the ultimaker 2 or the direct link to the github files for cutting. I have been searching for weeks now and is getting very frustrating for the most critical part of my build and Id appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance.
  6. actually i am waiting for 6mm aleminum composite sheet to make it another one... it will be better quality than the original... What i need to finish are: -x,y z and feeder motors and feeder mechanism -Heated bed and 4mm aleminum part underneath of it. -motherboard and LCD unit. ( knoob and knoobhousing is problem for me to find. they will be 3d printed by someone -whole extruder unit And of course 4 set of plastic slider complicated thing is the motors... i need to find polou motors which seems close to original ones... What are the dimensions of the composite sheet you are buy
  7. I have had no luck with fin ding rods in canada. I'm thinking about cutting Rods on a chopsaw or something else. How accurate can i get the cut on the saw?
  8. Does this company have a website?
  9. What's the thickness of your wood you milled from and where did you get the side panels?
  10. Where is Misumi based in. I'd like to know because i am probably far from there and shipping would cost alot
  11. 1. The Ultimaker 2+ is really expensive and you can get a printer with better quality under $1000. 2. If something breaks, it can be hard to find the part you need. I think you should try getting an Ultimaker original or, if you really like the 2 you can try building your own. I am currently on my way doing that. There are assembly manuals and places you can find firmware for when you finsh building. there is even a BOM for the parts you need and you caould make the ultimaker 2.
  12. Well i've finally decided i want to build an ultimaker and discovered the Bom on Github. However, the bill of materials calls for a set of smooth rods. I have been looking everywhere and the only ones i have found are some on aliexpress and DO NOT want to buy from that site. Does anyone know where i can get smooth rods. Right now i plan to just get some slightly longer rods and cut them to length. The rod diameters are 12mm (348mm long) ,8mm (337mm long) and 6mm (320mm long)
  13. Anyone know where to get files to cut acrylic for the um2? I broke a few so i need to replace them. i also said hey might as well replace all of them. Any help will be much appreciate!
  14. The BOM is here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oL7RYvvKJJkxDS52M6GQemwey3ny0b3jYZnxLergKKQ/edit#gid=1232376438
  15. I found the parts and the stl files to print a clone and its parts but i would prefer to use ultimaker hardware instead of what is listed on the BOM. I was looking at the umo but i plan to do lots of long prints and i did`nt want to have a lot of noise. Heres the link to the clone. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811271
  16. I've always wanted an ultimaker 2 printer but the price of it was too much for me. I've see clones of the printer but the sites they are on don't have a lot of info on them. So here's my question: where can I get ultimaker 2 parts like hardware and electronics? It would be very helpfull if anyone knows.
  17. Nice build. I am interested in this version of a um2 clone and was wondering if you could reply with a parts list. It would be appreciated if you do!
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